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Gerald Gardner - The Dirty Old Man Behind Wicca

Much to the chagrin of most Wiccans who are under the impression that their religion was around before religions such as Christianity and that Christianity was plagarized from Wicca the truth of the matter is is that Wicca is actually a creation of Gerald Gardner who put it together in the middle 1900s using blatant ripoffs of Aleister Crowley, Freemasonry, Egyptian ideologies and Celtic lore.

After listening to many Wiccans haughtily dismiss Aleister Crowley and Anton Lavey as raving lunatics, scornfully rejecting their teachings and philosophies as idiotic ramblings of madmen one can quite justifiably point out that the founder of Wicca was no more insane than Crowley or Lavey being that Gerald Gardner made many insubstantial claims about himself and the origins of his religion (Anton Lavey or shall I say Howard Anton "Levey" did the same), not to mention that Crowley was one of his greatest influences in creating Wicca; the entire Book of Shadows written by Gardner and all the Wiccan ceremonies and rituals are all based on Crowley's works. In fact the law "Do what you will, may you harm none." is undeniably Crowley's creation. So for a Wiccan to righteously look down their nose at Aleister Crowley is to expose their own stupidity and ignorance for their entire belief system is based on him.

Gardner claimed to be a Master Mason(3rd Degree), yet Masonic records show that he was only an Entered Apprentice Mason(1st Degree Mason). Being at the lowest end of the Masonic hierarchy he had only seen the most basic and introductory phrasologies within Masonry and the the most minimum of Masonic Rites and it is these that are found in Gardnerian Wicca. Gardner also claimed to be a member of the Scottish Rite but since you have to be a Master Mason to be initiated into the Scottish Rites, obviously this is just another lie.

Gardner also claimed to have recieved his Doctor of Philosophy in Singapore and a Doctore of Literature in Toulouse but as it turns out these are merely more lies.

Many Wiccans today that make the false claims of hereditary lineages, accomplishments, learning, experiences and Craft training that simply do not exist anywhere but in their fevered imaginations seem to have followed in Gardner's footsteps. Perhaps there is some unspoken agreement within Wicca that says that one must lie profusely and make wild claims about your background to make one look powerful and mysterious. Or perhaps it is because these fools that make these claims are merely incapable of thought, believe everything they hear from fluffy "gurus", and are lost in a fantasy world of their own sick delusions.

Anyways, Gardner claimed that he was initiated into the New Forrest Coven in 1939 by some old hag named Dorothy Clutterbuck. This New Forrest Coven was allegedly an ancient religion handed down throughout the generations in secret because of fear of persecution. However, despite attempts by Doreen Valiente, there is no valid proof that any such Dorothy Clutterbuck ever existed much less initiated Gardner into any Coven.

In A History of Witchcraft: Sorcerers, Heretics and Pagans researcher Dr. Jeffrey B. Russell writes:"... (Gardner's) followers tell the story that he was initiated into witchcraft in 1939 by Old Dorothy Clutterbuck, a witch of the New Forest who later, they say, led the covens of England to the seashore where they prevented Hitler's invasion by sending out the cone of power towards him with the instruction, 'You cannot come.' When the Craft was destroyed in the 'Burning Time', it was argued, a few kept it alive secretly, and old Dorothy was the heir of this ancient tradition. In fact there is no evidence that old Dorothy ever existed, and the ancient tradition is very dubious."

As for Gardner being a "dirty old man" he denigraded women by making them subservient to men, making the priest to name the priestess or initiate her. This may not be what is in most Wiccan covens today, but this is what the founder of Wicca intended. In fact, Gardner made it a law within the coven that when a high priestess reached a certain age she would have to relinquish her position to a younger, more beautiful woman to be intiated into the coven through the Great Rite where he would then freely part her thighs and gratefully intiate his penis into her vagina. (Alex Sanders, the founder of Alexandrian Wicca, you may be interested to know, who was also originally in Gardner's coven, claimed that his initiation was through his Grandmother who he fucked on the kitchen floor in the ritual of the Great Rite). Gardner also joined a naturalist/nudist group before he invented Wicca and was kicked out of it for reasons unknown. I don't think its too hard to imagine what for.

I also think its pretty ironic how Wicca which later became part of the feminist movement was started by a perverted old man who had an interest in the occult and needed an excuse to rape young girls and decided to syncretize them into a whole new religion. Actually with that thought I wonder how Wicca became a feminist thing at all because obviously it was not intended to be in the control of women and even the word "wicca" means "male witch" not "wise woman" as the ignorant masses like to believe. Jesus Fucking Hair Brained Christ! Get a clue people! I have not a clue why one would want to be part of any religion system or belief without first checking out the origins of it. Not that Wicca can't be an honorable path to walk. I have no problem with Wiccans that are TRUE Wiccans. But at least KNOW the history of your very religion. Wicca is not Celtic, it is not Asatru, it is not Native American. It has not been around since the mists of time. Throw out your Silver Fluffyravenwolf books and pick up an actual history of Wicca. Quit looking for an instant gratification through your lame ass fucking watered down rituals and ceremonies written by idiot fluff wits for ignorant gullible teenagers and half brains who could never understand nor probably have even heard of the Qabala and other complex magickal systems and sit down and do some actual work and/or studying!

That said, why don't you Wiccans that have no idea where your religion has originated go and pick up some of your founder's books,High Magic's Aid (1949), a novel based very closely on Margaret Murray's (who is another very questionable resource) works and the magickal system described in The Key of Solomon, and Witchcraft Today (1951) and the Meaning of Witchcraft (1959), which are both allegedly non-fictional recitations of Gardner's views on Wicca. The story goes that after 1951 when England repealed the witchcraft laws, Gardner convinced his coven to allow him to publish some of the details of their secret beliefs and practices. Another one you might want to check out is Gardnerian's Book of Shadows.