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"A Knotless Tie"

The last knot you will NEVER tie

QuiKnot attached to hook
NOTE: QuiKnot actual size is @5/8"
Small, but effective

Do you have the confidence in your knot
to reel in a sunken railroad tie without breaking?

Sunken railroad tie

If not, then you need QuiKnot

QuiKnotTM is Proud to have been a Sponsor in
events and organizations like:

MWA Rockfish Tournament
Anapolis, MD

Why would you risk losing a tool to tie your knots.
When QuiKnot attaches directly to your line.

Simple, Easy, Quick, and Affordable

Experience the quickest way to secure your baits to your line. Life is too short to spend the FEW HOURS you have to fish with your baits out of the water. Spend those special hours actively catching fish.

This revolutionized QuiKnot tool will secure your fishing lures and hooks to your line. Quickly getting your baits back in the water. This new tool will even have your young child fastening their own hooks, leaving you more time to land that trophy. The QuiKnot tool can be easily mastered, keeping your line in the water longer.

How many times have you fought threading the line through the hook's eye? As you fumbled to align the line, others are catching fish. This QuiKnot tool was designed by a fisherman with this in mind. Simply guide the QuiKnot tool through the hook eye or lure ring, create a hoop, with a few flips of your wrists, wrap both ends of the line around the shaft at least five times to create a QuiKnot. The whole sequence takes seconds.

After all, the bait has to be in the water to catch more fish, not holding it in your hand.

Panfish rigs can be easily made using more then one QuiKnot tool on your line. Place one at the end of your line, figure where you want the other hook(s), then hoop the line, wrap and pull. Your second hook is in place. When wanting a change, most can be untwisted to remove them, without cutting your line.

Get a group of your fishing friends together to place an order. Better yet, order them yourself and have your fishing buddies wonder how you can get your baits back in the water so quickly. Once you have used a QuiKnot tool you will wonder how you ever fished without one.

Visit our test page to read about the ease and strength of QuiKnot

Do Not forget to order some
"Blind Mouse Lures"
with your QuiKnots

Picture of a Blind Mouse.
Just as mice love cheese,
Fish can not resist
the odor of a Blind Mouse

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