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Product List
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Product List:

  1. QuiKnot...a knotless tie
    QuiKnot with a hook
    Quiknot with a hook
    small but effective

  2. Quik....complement to QuiKnot
    a quick change terminal tackle..called QuiK
    Attaches hooks / lures easily
    without removing QuiKnot

  3. N'thing Fanci or Blind Mouse lures
    Picture of a Blind Mouse enjoying a wedge of cheese.
    hand tied from the finest bucktails,
    dyed with a special scent

    Just as mice love cheese
    Fish will love the scent of a Blind Mouse

  4. Worm Holder..... great for canoes

    Bait shops and dealers ask about your special pricing

    Be sure to stop back and see
    when new products become available

This page was last updated on 1/21/2012