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Photo Gallery
Photo Gallery of Fish
Caught on QuiKnot
Bass is really inside all these weeds, really.
A Bass(is really in there)caught on QuiKnot
along with these weeds.
Bass caught in weeds
Picture of Large Mouth Bass
caught along with weeds
Nice group of Walleyes.
Nice group of Walleyes
18 1/2
A nice Father's Day present.
A 18 1/2" Walleye caught on
a nightcrawler and slip bobber.
Picture of another nice bass.
Another nice bass.
Nice day's catch.
A day's outing
landed these bluegills.
hard fighting carp
Even this Carp
could not break QuiKnot's grip.
Click the photo
to see QuiKnot in action
Picture of a nice smallmouth bass 19
Nice 19" smallmouth tho not
caught on QuiKnot
others were
Picture of a sunken log retreived.
Even this sunken log
@35# could not escape QuiKnot
holding power.
Picture of a small walleye.
Click photo to see QuiKnot in place"
Picture of a large walleye.
Happy fisherman
Picture of a large walleye.
One to write home about
Picture of a large mouth.
15 1/2" Large Mouth
>Picture of a canoe carrier.

easy homemade canoe carrier


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