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"Survivor Voices" exists to give us, survivors, more outlets to express ourselves. Writing (poetry, journaling, creative writing, etc.) has been extremely helpful in my recovery; therefore, I encourage other survivors to share their creativity here. If you would like your piece to appear on this page, please email me at


***Some pieces may be triggering. Be sure that you are in a safe place before proceeding. Stay safe!***

For Love, Hope, and Joy  

Abused Children,
Often left with nothing and forgotten.
No Love, no Joy, no Hope.
Never learning how to cope.
No self-confidence, no pride,
Only knowing how to hide.  

Abused Children,
Always keeping things hidden.
The bruises, the scars, the hurts, the fears.
Afraid to show their emotions and tear.
Assuming all the blame,
Trying to hide their shame.  

Abused Children,
Some never learn what should have been given.
The Love, the happiness, one's self-confidence.
Not the fear of someone's presence.
The hugs, the gentle touches, the kisses,
These things and abused Child longs for and wishes.  

Abused Children,
Love, Hope, and Joy, from God are given.
He knows where to lay all the blame,
For your guilt, your hurts, and your shame.
Give them to Him and watch them disappear,
One by one, lose all fear.  

Abused Children,
Through Jesus Christ a new life is given.
Don't delay, don't keep waiting.
It's there for the asking and taking.
The joy, the happiness, the love,
And freedom like that of a dove.
Surrender to Him your life,
And He will take away your inner strife.  

Author: Lynette

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