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"I believe that by breaking the silence and coming forward, we can all pull together and gain strength.
Together, we can find the rainbow after the storm...."
PRYSMSTAR is a safe place for survivors of sexual abuse to find support and heal. I've included links to different resources on sexual abuse including books, organizations, and other survivors' websites that I've found helpful. I hope my page can give hope and inspiration to all those dealing with the difficult effects of abuse.

I've also included a link to my messageboard. The board is for any survivor of sexual abuse who needs to find support. Feel free to discuss everything, from memories of the abuse to effects you have experienced because of it. Everything is valid and emotions are strongly supported. Know that we are all there to support unjudgementally, unconditionally, and with respect.

Wishing all of you well on your healing journey. May you all find peace and comfort here...

Take care and stay safe.

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Healing Links

Survivor Voices


Message Board

PRYSMSTAR was started March 29, 2000 and will continue to grow and change as I continue to grow and change. I'm always open for suggestions, so feel free to email me at

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