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Minis Only Transport is also Miniature horse breeders and experienced license commercial drivers (on-board mechanic too). We have over 40 years experience with Miniatures & Ponies and over a million road miles to our credit. We treat your horse like it was our own!

   With custom Miniature horse sized equipment, stalls are cleaned between horses and the entire trailer is disinfected between runs. We always provide fresh water and good quality hay (pelleted feed or grain if provided). Scheduled rest stops provided, as well as exercise at fairgrounds and friendly farms for longer trips. Also overnight lodging for horses if needed. We are not noted for our speed, but for slow and steady, low-stress transportation of Miniature horses and Ponies only.

   Rates - Quote is for specified run only and may escalate if fuel prices shoot up! To be competitive, we must have a minimum of TWO full fares to make a run. They must be from similar area for quoted rate of approximately $0.38 a mile per horse.
    If you wish to rent the whole trailer for a Custom Run for your horses only... please call or e-mail for Custom Rate... approximately $1.00 a mile. 
   Please understand that we need some time to find others transporting from and to similar areas, otherwise, Custom Rates would apply. Choice is yours! 


Currently Limiting our Transport Runs to:
Within the Midwest Area, Midwest to/from Florida Run , Midwest to/from Colorado Run. 
No longer accepting Runs to / from Eastern United States. 
No longer accepting Runs involving the Canadian Border.


Minis Only Transport Contract (print out)

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Minis Only Transport
Jim & Anne Kannenberg
1925 Spring Valley Road, Jackson, WI 53037
 Farm number: 1-262-677-3872 ~~~ Mobile number: 1-414-640-8488