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Mike's Train House

Milwaukee Road Signal Restoration Project.

This is a two light signal that I have acquired and I will be updating this page as time permits me to.

This is the cast housing for the Two Light Signal that came from the diamond in Burlington.  This signal came off of the former Milwaukee Road right away and was on the west end of the diamond. 
This is a shot of the back of the signal.  I obtained this signal from the Western Union Junction RR Club in Sturtevant, WI.  The Wisconsin Central Donated both Signals to the WUJRRC and this signal is the remnants of taking both signals to make one good one for the club.  The Casting also has a crack in it.
This is an internal shot of the signal. Gee its pretty rusty inside their, looks like a have quite a bit of work ahead of me.
These castings hold both the light bulb and the lenses, each casting holds a smaller colored lenses and a larger clear lenses.  I will have both castings sandblasted before I paint them as their is more rust on these parts than the whole signal/
This is one half of the sounding shroud,  This is the most damaged of the two as it appears to have been dropped and bent several times.  the other one is straight but both have been used as target practice by somebody's gun.
These are two straps

Repainted parts as of 07-04-01

This is the large clear lenses retaining ring that is bolted on from the outside.  I have repainted this part
This is one of the sunlight shields that I have repainted.  I still have to make one.
This bar is used to help adjust the tilt of the signal head.  Below it is the straight shield.
Update 07-08-01
I started to prime the inside of the signal after I took a wire wheel to the inside to clean out the rust.
Another shot of the primed inside.  I also removed the dry rotten rope gasket.
this is the plate that separates the light chambers.  I will be painting it in a few days.
This is the distribution plate that the wires are connected to.

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