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Harassment and Discrimination
in the Hudson, WI School District

Hello.  My name is  Hector Perez The following page is in regard of a social problem that is called Discrimination and Unfair Employment practices.

Discrimination is more than illegal in America, but when it happens in a public school district, it is even worse.  Schools do not have money of their own: they are created and supported by the people in the community, and to some extent by the federal and state government.  So they must comply with the law.

People who, for any reason, practice any discrimination or unfair employment, should not work in a School District, because the mirror of a community is the school district that they have.

I have filed a complaint for discrimination with the state of Wisconsin, as well as the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. I plan to take the case to federal court for Unfair Employment treatment.

Unfortunately, the aptitude of some of the employers of the Hudson School District will cost the taxpayers in St. Croix county a good shunk of money, just in attorney fees. If the district is found guilty of discrimination, the amount will increase: the law requires payment and interest for past wages.

If the federal court finds the Hudson School District guilty of Unfair Employment practices, then the district must pay for punitive damages, emotional distress and all that may apply.

So here are the documents that I have so far.  In the following days or months as more documents arrive, they will be posted here. Come again soon to get informed of all the news in this case.  Then you will know how the Hudson School  District administrators really spend tax money.

1 infamous letter from Steve Lindstrom to Jim and Mark, Directors of Buildings & Grounds at the Hudson school district
2 second page of letter
3 My time sheet from November 19-25, 2000
4 Another time sheet
5 Letter from Mr. Bob Benoy, Director of Personnel, to Unemployment Insurance Office
6 Another letter from Mr. Benoy to the Unemployment Insurance Office, accusing me of "falsification of timesheet reporting"
7 Intake form from when I began work at the School District of Hudson
8 Form from when I changed from part-time to full-time employment
9 Exit form from when I was fired
10 Postponement notice of hearing. I postponed it because I needed time to send some subpoenas
11 Letter from state, providing the requested subpoena forms
12 Steve Lindstrom's time sheet for the week in question: notice that he was not at work the day he stated he was looking for me at work!
13 Court decision
14 second page of court decision
15 Decision of judge regarding unemployment benefits
16 Guide to the Fair Employment Law. Know your rights!
17 Wisconsin Fair Employment Law Complaint Process
18 Initial discrimination complaint to the State of Wisconsin and the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity
19 Second page of complaint letter
20 Third page of complaint letter
21 Letter from Mr. Benoy informing employees of my request for some of their work documents
22 Letter to Patricia Maloney, lawyer to the Hudson school district

UPDATE: New evidence of unfair employment practices!

If you have read through the documents on my page, you know that the school district fired me because they said that I was writing on my time sheet more time that what I was working. I proved that those allegations where untrue.

Here is the time sheet of Mr. Tim Dana. Mr. Dana worked at the Hudson Middle School with me for a few months. If you look at Mr. Dana?s time sheet you will notice that on September 22, Mr. Dana wrote that he had worked 8 hours that day.

Then on the left side you will notice writing saying ?not at work?. Mr. Dana was not fired for falsifying his time sheet Mr.Dana was fired by the Hudson School District because he did not show up for work for almost two weeks, and the other custodians refused to do more overtime.

During the time that I worked with Mr. Dana, I do not recall that he ever worked 8 hours in a day. Mr. Dana?s time sheet is clear evidence that in the Hudson School District unfair employment practices are part of every day agenda.

And so the administration of the Hudson School District and I will end up in federal court in the near future. Then the people of Saint Croix County will realize that they need new management for their School District so their tax dollars are used wisely instead of wasted.

Dana's falsified time sheet, which he was NOT fired for!

If you have any comments or questions, please feel free to send me an e-mail at or leave your comment in my guestbook.

Thanks very much,


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