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Welcome to Fraggle Rock

Yay! I'm creating a Jim Henson/Muppets site. Click here to see what I've got so far and leave a note in my guestbook.

Can I see some pictures of some fraggles and other creatures that live in Fraggle Rock?
What is a fraggle?
Where do fraggles live?
Fraggle Songs.. Please?
Where can I find some other Fraggle Rock sites?
I want to know more about who created Fraggle Rock
How did the show originate?
Want answers to these questions? I'm sure you do. Just scroll down until you find what you're looking for.

Visit here to hear the Fraggle Theme with the lyrics.


Boober Fraggle
Gobo and Red reading one of Uncle Matt's Postcards
Boober engaged in one of his favorite activites, washing his socks
I got these images from The Fraggle Rock Website.Go and visit.


It all starts with a human inventor named Doc with his dog, Sproket, who is always curious about what's going on behind the wall in Doc's workshop. Sprocket's the only one who seems to know something is going on, but he's not sure what. What is going on is there are hundreds of Fraggles living behind the wall in caves, or what they know as home, Fraggle Rock!

Fraggle Facts
~Fraggles love music and love to sing
~Fraggles will sing whenever and wherever especilay if they are in a jam and need some cheering up
~Fraggles know how to have fun


The show centers around five Fraggles who are the best of friends.
They are... Gobo(the leader of the group)
Red (the overly confident, bubbly one)
Mokey (the gentle, wondering one)
Wembly (the timid, but also brave one)
Boober (the depressed, gloomy one..but I think he's just misunderstood)


There aren't just Fraggles in the caves. There are Doozers. Doozers are litle guys who always like to work. "Work all day and work all night," as the Doozers like to say. The Fraggles are facinated watching their little friends.

On the other side of the caves opposite Doc's workshop there is a place where the Gorgs and the Trash Heap live.

I'll start with the Gorgs. The Gorgs are big creatures, much larger than the fraggles. There is Junior, Ma, and Pop. Junior is a little on the dumb side and is always so proud to show his parents whenever he catches a Fraggle brave enough to venture forth through the hole into their world.

The All Knowing Trash Heap sits awaiting to give advice to anyone. She's always glad to tell the Fraggles what to do if they need help, usualy through song.


Rag-Time Queen
sung by: Mokey Fraggle

You’re made of rags, and scraps, and tags,
And no one thinks you’re real.
But when you go, they’ll never know
the lonliness I’ll feel.

Dance with me, my rag-time queen
before I set you free
On lonley days
you’ll know the ways
that you
Just like me

To make your face I found some lace
and sewed your every part
To make you feel that you were real
I gave away my heart

Dance with me, my rag-time queen
before I set you free
On lonley days
You’ll know the ways that you
Just like me
La, la, la, la, la, la


Fraggle Rock is Jim Henson's creation. The creator of the Muppets and one of the people I most admire, Jim Henson had so many accomplishments in his life. He died in 1990. He is missed by his family, friends and fans. I plan on creating a full page dedicated to Jim Henson as soon as I get the chance. There, I will have links for you to find out more info. Until then, feel free to check out
Muppet Central and two interactive Muppet sites.
Also here'sA Henson Interview
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And Rainbow Connection Song