US Capitals Bingo

Shared by Mary, The Game Lady

Using the fun format of BINGO, the whole family can drill the capitals of the states.

To Make:

Using light blue bristol, I used a computer program to make the grid and print in the names of the states in some of the spaces. I had the different cards planned out ahead of time so I knew which stickers and which names I would use on each card. By using one complete set of stickers and the names of the states each one time, I was able to create four BINGO CARDS. I planned them out so each card would contain a different combination of states and about half on each card would be stickers, giving the color to the playing cards.

The CALLING CARDS for this game each have each have the name of the capital of one state on them...50 cards.

I placed these playing cards in plastic sleeves, as we like to use dry-erase markers instead of "corn" to mark our cards.

To Play:

Play is just like traditional BINGO. A capital calling card is drawn and read. We would take turns, naming and checking the capitals.

(NOTE: if one player is especially needing drill on this skill, he could be made the caller for a game--also playing a card if he wishes.)

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