Oh Nuts! Deluxe

Oh Nuts! is a favorite format of my children at home and in the classroom.

The original Oh Nuts! is played a little different than this DELUXE version. But one thing I learned about my children is that BIGGER IS OFTEN BETTER. They loved larger gameboards. When I made this gameboard, I decided to add the spinner, thus making ANY skill cards I had usable with it without adding OH NUTS CARDS.


I used three filefolders, two green and one blue. First, using duct tape, I taped one blue and one green filefolders together, making a large square board. Then, because I wanted it to look like a hill, I cut the second green filefolder and glued it along the taped edge over the blue filefolder.

I added the pictures of the chipmunk and the tree. Then I added the spinner and the black and white 3/4 inch circle stickers for a path. After I covered it with clear Contact paper, I added the arrow to the spinner.


The players all start with their markers on the chipmunk. The first player draws a skill card and answers it. If he is correct, he spins and moves his game piece accordingly.

If he spins "Oh Nuts!" he does not get to move and his turn ends.

However, if he spins a number and moves he has a decision to make. He may play again. The danger in playing again is: At anytime he incorrectly answers a skill card OR spins "Oh Nuts!" ALL progress on this turn is lost and he returns to the space where THIS turn began. (We would mark this space with a penny, as a player began his turn.)

A player may continue his turn as long as he wants unless he answers incorrectly or spins "Oh Nuts!" When a player is satisfied with the progress he has made on a turn, he simply passes the play to the next player. THIS progress he can never lose.

The first player to reach the tree is the winner.

Oh Nuts! The Original Game
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