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Halfling's CC2 Page

Maps- by 'Halfling'

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Old Notes

I will be informing my subscribers (which you can get on the list, by the way, by mailing me at whenever there's a change to this website.

22 February 2001:

Since releasing version 1.12a of my spreadsheet, I had put together a version 1.12b- and then scrapped it. Not only did it take forever to load, there were still some things that I just didn't take into account, and would have needed a pretty big re-working to include.

I started work on version 2.00 of my spreadsheet, and sent the first Beta version out to my D&D players, as well as some people from the 'net who commented on my version 1.00 series. Version 2.00 Beta 1 was sent out on the 14th of February; version 2.00 Beta 2 was sent out yesterday at midnight.

With luck, I can complete Beta 3 (which will include Animal Companion and Familiar support) within the week, have my betatesters go through it, and have it available for download starting the first week of March.

For a PDF file of what the new sheet looks like (as well as an example character), you can download this ZIP file.

29 January 2001:

Version 1.12a of my Excel 2000 spreadsheet has been uploaded. This is just a very minor fix, and has no new features.

29 January 2001:

I have to apologize to everyone; I just no longer have any time to get anything accomplished. (I work a 50-hour a week job; I'm involved in two separate D&D campaigns, a Blood Bowl league, and I also paint in my spare time.) I do have enough done, as well as some contributions from others, to at least make a go at getting an update in here, so here we go...

For those of you who use my Excel 2000 spreadsheet to manage your D&D Third Edition characters- there's been a rather significant upgrade to that. I'm now up to version 1.12. (Please send me requests and comments, and what would be nice for future versions! I'll do everything I can do without resorting to programming VB code into the spreadsheet ~ not that I can't program, but I don't want anyone to see that there's programming in there, and wonder if I'm doing something malicious!) Improvements over version 1.10 are as follows:

Due to some requests (and, the fact I've got the space to spare, now that Angelfire has allowed 50 megs for storage, I've placed my "Temple of Elemental Evil" maps back up on the board. Please don't laugh.

I'm not completely finished with it (for the life of me, I couldn't figure out how to get a decent hex grid in here at the proper size)- but, here's a map of the Greyhawk area that is referenced in the Temple of Elemental Evil, Against The Giants, and also the Slaver series. This is a modification to the work originally done by Linda Kekumu and Lonny Eckert.

Greyhawk Map for the Temple of Elemental Evil, GDQ Series, Slaver Series

Another map that I never seem to have time to complete. Note that this may have all the walls, etc. - there are some doors that need to be placed, some wall openings that are missing, etc. al. Still, for those looking for something to go off of (perhaps as a player handout?), here's the Shrine of the Koa-Toa.

Shrine of the Koa-Toa (incomplete)
Shrine of the Koa-Toa (incomplete)

Frongoid was kind enough to offer this to the Greyhawk mailing list, as well as the CC2 Mailing List. I jumped at the chance to host it for him.

DM's Underground Passage MapZoomed-In
Frongoid's D-1 Large Scale Map
(aka: DM's Underground Passage Map)

With the Underground Passage Map by Frongoid, there are several areas which could be explored and created by the DM. Bruce Bozzo made such an area (and, this is his map from some old papers), which is named Erelhei Cinlu.

Erelhei Cinlu
Bruce Bozzo's Drow City Erelhei Cinlu


Maps- Steading Of The Hill Giants

Maps- Glacial Rift Of The Frost Giant Jarl

Maps- Hall Of The Fire Giant King

Maps- Drow Kingdom

Symbols & Templates

Maps- Temple of Elemental Evil

Other, Upcoming Maps (as yet unstarted):

Map 09: Shrine Of The Kuo-Toa (incomplete)
Map 10: Generic Underground Passages
Map 11 & 16: Encounter Areas I-VI; Encounter Areas VII-IX
Map 12 & 15: Player's Wilderness Map; DM's Wilderness Map. (incomplete)
Map 13 & 14: Player's Underground Passage Map; DM's Underground Passage Map.
Map 17: Vault Of The Drow
Map 18: The Great Fane of Lolth
Map 19: The Demonweb
Map 20: Encounter G, The Nightworld Of Vlad Tolenkov; Encounter 10, The Lieutenants of Lolth; Encounter 8: Second Teleportation Room
Map 21: Lolth's Spider Ship, Decks A & B
Map 22: Lolth's Spider Ship, Decks C & D
Map 23: Lolth's Spider Ship, Deck E
Map 24: Lolth's Spider Ship, Decks F & G

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