Regimental Written History

Welcome to the document page. You will see actual documents and letters that were written by members of the original 42nd Wisconsin. At times you read type written translations but every effort will be made for you to view the actual document.

If you take a look at the enlistment papers below, you'll notice that the two sided document was tri-folded. All the information entered upon enlistment is presented on this two sided document. I hope you will enjoy examining this enlistment document of Joseph Townsend Wade of Company "G".

Click on a document below to view.

View the front of an actual Enlistment document

View the backside of the above Enlistment document

View the last 3 entries of Joseph T Wade's Company Muster Roll and the purchase he made keeping the issued Enfield.

This site is fortunate enough to get copies of letters written by members of the 42nd during their stay while in Cairo, Illinois.

View a hand written letter by Lt. Robert Steel

just after his arrival in Cairo, Sept.28, 1864.

We are proud to introduce a new segment to the documents page, called LETTERS.

Click on the soldiers surname to view a summary of who he is and what he wrote.

The Stevens Letters

The Edgar Richmond Letters

The Lt. Robert Steele Letters

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