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Dieselpage site is gemaakt door William Hogervorst.

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William`s Diesel Motorcycle Homepage

My hobbys are

My bike wil be described in the Dutch Motormagazine called Motor Number 39 of 24-september 1998!!!! Sorry they didn`t make it (deadline) or was my bike too slow??? ;=)) Yes it was in nr 40!!!! Voor de Nederlanders klik op bladzijde etc. For our foreigners click page etc.!!! Another magazine found me:)) MOTO73 nr 6 (23-march 5-april 2000) scans comming soon!!

Nederlands artikel bladzijde 1 Nederlands artikel bladzijde 2 Nederlands artikel bladzijde 3 Nederlands artikel bladzijde 4

English article page 1 English article page 2 (New scans) English article page 3 (new scans)

My Favorite Links

Consume of motorbikes`s (What do they eat??? and how much???;=)))))))
Motorcycleplaza (Dutch)
Dieselmotor in a motorcycle
Flying Kite News
Want to know more about my dieselbike?
Yes a new page moremore about my dieselbike?

  • Thanks to i`v got this bike!!!!!