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Terrorist Deck

This deck is very powerful but the only problem is most of the cards are very rare and promo!

This deck contains: Onslaught, Holocaust, Apocalypse 3-stat and Sentinels.

Mission Set: Assault on Onslaught
Events- any ones you want to put in

Home Base: Marvel Manhattan

Battle Site: Avalon
Professor X x3-Read Mind AG, Psychic Shield AH, Cerebro AB
Magneto x2-Master of Magnetism (OPD), Magnetic Devistation GJ
Colossus x3-Iron Curtain AX, Hay Maker AR, Organic Steel ET
Acolytes x3-Amelia Voght HK, Exodus AE, Unuscone LB
Cable x3- Bionic Eye AN, Custom Fire Arms AA, Cover Fire AD
Bishop x2-Draw enemy Fire AC, Absorb Energy AY

Onslaught:Dark Enigma,Baptism by Fire,Psychic Absorption,Raw Power,Merciless Conquerer
Holocaust:Other Worldy Evil x2, Imprvious Crystal,Death Cannon, Consume Lifeforce,Devestate, Apocalyptic Minion
Sentinels:Learning Cercuits, Nimrod, Master Mold x2,Robot Mentality, Mutant Countermeasures
Apocalypse 3 stat: Megamorph, Enhance strength

Power Cards:
Any Power:7

Universe Cards:
any energy ones

Total Cards:Approximately 65-72 cards

Whoa! This is a very powerful deck. There are lots of healings and negates. Lots of high hitting cards. Amazing!

There are also quite a few weaknesses such as if Apocalypse is the only one left. This is also a pretty big deck and if a character dies there will be a few unusables. That's about it.

This is a very very powerful deck but a very very rare deck I give it an 8/10.