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My Genosha Deck

This deck is based on the comic book series called Magneto Dark Seduction (which is about Genosha and stuff) please read these comics because they are amazing!
Any ways here is the deck:
It contains: Magneto IQ, Quicksilver IQ, Scarlet Witch IQ and Polaris(reserve)

Homebase: Marvel universe

Mission set: Seperation Anxiety

Iceman x3: Ice Armour AG, Hail Strom AD and Sub-Zero AR
Havok x3: Annihilate (OPD), Plasma Flare AA and Mutant X FI
Beast x2: Analyze AO and Biochemist AL
Goblyn Queen x2: Goblyn Armada NS and Dark Magic NG
Storm x2: Morlock Combat CD and Hurricane winds AH
Angel x1: Neuro-Toxin HO

Magneto: Master of Magnetism, Paralyze Opponent
Quicksilver: High Speed Impact, Fast and Furious, Rapid Rip-Off, Mutant Momentum x2, Rapid Fire punches
Scarlet Witch:Hex Power, Change Outcome x3, Witch Craft, Sorceress Slam
Polaris: Ensnare

power cards:
Intellect: 1

Universe Cards:
Teamwork: 8e +2s +3i, 7e +2s +2i, 6i +1e +2f
Ally: J. Jonah Jameson, Stick

Total cards:56

Strategy: There isn't much strategy except try to get Magneto to play all his cards befre he dies. Try to keep Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch alive as long as possible and don't worry about venture too much because they all have heavy hitting cards and the battle site will help you out alot.

Weakness: There isn't much weakness in this deck. There will only be a few if Scarlet Witch or Quicksilver die to early in the game.

This is an amazing deck so I gave it a 9/10.