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Quick Silver's Overpower Page

My top 10 most favorite OP heroes

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The Pure Overpower site
Web Headed Wizard's Overpower Page
Trading Post
Good and Bad Traders

Last Updated: Sunday June 24 2000

My page is till at the same address but it has a new owner Quick Silver

This Page is dedicated to the most amazing card game called:

This site contains hero reviews, a trading post, a good and bad traders list and a decks page. If you would like your want and haves list on my site then just let me know or if you know of any bad traders then please e-mail me.
Thank you.

Quick Silver

X-Men TCG/Overpower Universe Webring
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Quick Silver

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Disclaimer:I am in no way affiliated with marvel/fleer or anything else I may have mentioned on this page. All the opinions are my own and do not mean anything.