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Pacific Ocean, Ventura County
Teri Parris Ford @ the Beach

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     I was born Teresa Marie in East Los Angeles, California.  Although I love LA, I doubt I will ever live there permanently again.  I visit as often as I can and always make a trip out to see the Pacific, because it is a life long friend who always greets me warmly and seems so happy to see me!
     I married my best friend, whom I met in October of 1977, when we were in 7th grade.  He is the most talented and wonderful man; he does laundry and writes me love songs. He has always helped me to follow my dreams.  He's a great dad to our 3 lovely daughters; Erika, Jessika and Monika.
     My art seems to focus on portraiture, especially self-portraiture. I suppose that reveals the extent of my narcissism. Part of the fasination comes from self-discovery and part comes from the need to know who it is I am painting...
    I do not consider myself incredibly spiritual, although I seem to have a very friendly relationship with God.  That relationship keeps me sane and helps me to make sense of things that I don't understand... which happens to be quite a bit of stuff.