the phoenix returns
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the phoenix returns

The Phoenix Stefano DiMera began terrorizing Salem back in 1982. SInce then, he's cheated death five times, all the while fiercely protecting his ever-expanding family. Joseph Mascolo explains why (and how) the Phoenix always rises on Days of Our Lives. 1997 A very-much-alive Stefano resurfaced again. He helped Peter fake his death and Kristen to continue her pregnancy scam. "Oh God, poor John. I feel so sorry for him. What an idiot. You got to touch it once and say,'Let me feel it bounce'." In spite of his evil deeds, Mascolo thinks it's DiMera's family values that keep him going strong. "If you fool with the family, you're going to suffer," believes the actor. "You have to see what makes him vulnerable. On that level, it's subtle, but it's so strong."

top 4 resons way stefano can not be killed

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