High School Girls Roster

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We have lots of girls who are really dedicated to the team and very committed to making the team great. This season will really get interesting when the people who are just learning to ski will start to race. We wish them all the best of luck...they deserve it!

Girls Team
Mindy AccolaSenior1st year
Liz BoetlerJunior1st year
Billie HaaslSenior1st year
Lisa HeggJunior2nd year
Jamie KlonowskiSenior1st year
Jill McGuireSenior1st year
Erin PaulJunior1st year
Kristin RueschSophmore3rd year

Lisa finishing at Rapids
Erin, Billie, and Lisa before the Badger State Games
Erin and Lisa after the Rapids Race
Kristin during the Badger State Games
Kristin finishing at Rapids

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