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Hola, and welcome to a my very own personal F.A.Q. My about Moi if you will, I'm sure you'll find it educational and stimulating. Here it goes....

What kind of name is Skankin' JiLL?

Uhm, well I like Skankin'. And a friend of mine calls me JiLL....so figure it out sherlock...

Can I know your real name?

I suppose. It's Mary Ann Lynn Martin.

I see why you'd want to be called something else..

Shut up.

Where do you live?

Park Falls, Wisconsin. It's as boring as the name is stupid. There is one Park, and no Falls. There's about 3,600 people here and 91.7% of them I don't like.

Allright....So what do you do all day anyways?

Since I live in a crappy town with nothing rad to do I go on the net , read, write(not any more really), listen to alot of music, watch movies, go to the movies, play my 'tendo and super 'tendo and playstation, and wish I could game. Other than that, I just go to school, do home work, and hang out with my boyfriend, and friends. I have alot of home work.....it's nuts. I had to quit my job because I have so much homework!

Hey Geek, do you have ANY friends?

I guess I'm not really that HUGE of a geek because I have friends.....but I guess we're all the kind of people that other people meet and wonder what's wrong with us. But I have friends thank you. Not many, but I have them.

Earlier you said you like music, well what bands do you like?

I love weezer! And I also enjoy the music of the Suicide Machines, They Might Be Giants, The Violent Femmes, Fishbone, NoFX, Tilt, Strung Out, Snuff, Pennywise, Operation Ivy, Ben Folds Five, David Bowie, reel big fish, Greenday(yes I like Greenday), NiN, Simon and Garfunkel, Sublime, Nirvana, Less Than Jake, Lagwagon, Rancid, Bjork, Beck(beck is the man!),Red Hot Chili Peppers, Offspring, RadioHead, Beastie Boys, Blink 182, AAA, the Decendents, the Queers, Digger, Wizo, Blondie, anti-flag, the Untouchables, No use for a Name, Squeegee, X-Ray Specs, The Buzzcocks, The Cockney Rejects, and for some reason Blood Hound Gang, Eminem, and ICP(i hate to admit it, but I am down with the clown).

Hey baby, are you single?

Believe it or not, I am NOT single. I have a wonderful boifriend; Timothy James Nabbefeld. We call him "Tim". He's my sugar bear! I love him very much and he makes me very happy. Isn't he adorable!? Click the bear to see! We became a thing on Valentines Day...sick huh? (This Val-day will be our 1 year! What a year it has been, if you have the means I suggest that everyone falls in love)I knew him for a year before that and we were friends, and I thought he was the bee's knees and he thought I was the cat's pajamas. Then after we got through some confusion he became my hombre and I became his mujer. All very romantic huh? sickingly romantic...yes.

Bring on the freakshow! Let's see it Let's see it!

click there to see the splendor of all that is me!