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These are poems, um hum

well here are poems, some are depressing and stuff, because i was depressed at the time, but I'm better now, and I can't find my new poems because my asshole ex boifriend has them, and I don't believe I'll be getting them back any time soon. Unless my new boifriend gets them for me. Which he might, because he's wonderful.

So here are some poems, I will find the time to put of radder ones..

To rise on a rainy day
And smell the washed air
Is to see your eyes when you're away.
When you're gone I imagine you here
I long to hear your voice
and the rain's song reminds me,
The rain making the ground moist
your green eyes I long to see
like the sparkling clean grass
They shine in the pale grey world
Where the soft winds slowly pass
And the ends of leaves are curled
I wish there to spend eternity
Basking in that which belongs to me

I love you Sugar Bear!!(that is a sonnet I wrote for Tim)

smiling with wicked eyes
gutteral voices shiny knives
ropes, and locks and keys
with cages with rusty doors
hammers and pokers red as blood
gillotines and leather straps
crow bars, reptiles, birds of prey
in hell you wish they'd stay

that poem is about having nightmares

If I could collect the sun
I could bloom like a flower
I wouldn't die in the winter
I could be colorful and bright
what I would pay for a vile of sun

That's a sarcastic poem, about sunlight. i hate winter and I hate the sun, so it's basicly saying there is no good time to be outside.

This next poem kills me now, well it's really me complaining about my outward appearance, but since then I know better now, it seems silly..

I long to be beautiful
to have admirers from afar
to be liked and loved
I long to be useful
to have people come to me in need
to help others shine
I long to be graceful
to walk along a tight rope
to balance on a pin
I long to be original
to be someone unparaell
to be someone unseen and new
I long to be myself
to be short
to be brunette
to be weak
to be clumsy
to strive for
others to be odd
to be small
all these things, yet I will never have beauty

This poem is about change and how you shouldn't fight it and just go along with it, I used to fight change, because i thought the only kind was BAD, but now I see that I'm wrong and just like verything else change can be bad or good.

put out the buring fire
you don't have to walk across the flames
relax, smile, enjoy the day
beware of night fall
it all fades away
night to day
day to night
life to death
death to life
in an never ending sphere
it leaves but always returns
death brings life
life brings death
light brings darkness
it leaves but it always returns
don't despair
everything usually has a reason
but for everything that doesn't
don't despair

This is about being bored and alone, and obviously I was, since I had the time to write it......

alone she sits
her only companion, boredom
tee vee semms empty, she shouts
but no one hears her
she stares at the phone in anticipation for someone to relieve her
but of course that's an empty dream
she wanders the house
couch to chair to chair to floor
and neverless her room is her only salvation
and there she picks up a pen

that's kinda it for now, I have this rad poem about a guy who cuts tails off dogs. but it might be too scary. E-mail me if you wanna see it on this page. Yup.

fish@antisocial.com, justjill@hotmail.com