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Shannon's Home Page

This is a copy of my senior picture taken in 1995. I graduated from St. Mary Springs High School in May of 1995! I then went on to Purdue University where I graduated with B.S. Animal Science in May of 1999. At Springs, I was on the varsity Pom Pon Squad, I was in National Honor Society, on Math Team, involved in Campus Ministry and was very active in the community. I was also a 10 year 4-H member and have since become a county beef leader for Fond du Lac County; specifically, Armstrong 4-H. I am also a member of the Market Livestock Committee for the Fond du Lac County Fair.

At Purdue, I was a member the of the Pre-veterinary Club, was a residence hall counselor, worked full time, and tutored!

Hi there!! I graduated from Purdue University with a B.S. in Animal Science with an emphasis in Preveterinary Medicine in May 1999. A copy of my current resume is available here: Resume

I live in a big house (as you can see) and own that sweet red CHEVY truck parked in front of it!!! I have worked long and hard for that truck, but it is all mine! I reside in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin ; but, originate from a little town called Eden just south of here.

I am the youngest of five children. The picture above is of my parents in Dallas/Fort Worth airport in April of '98. We were on vacation and they were meeting me at the airport to pick me up. They don't typically look that! I have three sisters and one brother. One sister is married to a veterinarian and they have seven boys with another child on the way! My nephews mean the world to me and they have me wrapped around their little fingers =)

My family is very close; although not geographically! My immediate family currently resides in Connecticut, Texas, and Wisconsin. My relatives span many other states as well!

My Favorite Guy! (My boyfriend of course!)

In memory of Cuddles!

This was my dog CUDDLES who was a shih tzu. He was born June 19, 1986 and died November 9, 2000. He was a cute little guy but I had to say goodbye. I miss him, but I know that he is in a more peaceful place!

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