the shallow faq!
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the shallow faq!

welcome to the shallow frequently asked questions list...okay, we don't have many so far, but ask us anything you want to know... I promise we'll tell you.

1. why are you so damn strange?

Phil - this is what we are, this is what we've made ourselves.
Craig - when you look in at us and hate what you see, you see yourself.
Scott - it is society's fault, the way we are brought up.
Adam - what happened last night is the way I felt this morning. corrosion.

2. why are you called shallow?

one of our friends was bitching about us ages ago on the phone to scott. apparently we're far too shallow in the way we are and the stuff we talk about. we just kind of thought it fitted our superficial selves pretty well...

3. what sorta music do you play?

hours have been spent trying to figure out some sort of answer to this, an answer that we'd all agree on, and an answer that in any way fits us. the one description that sounds near the truth is 'eclectic', that someone said. but maybe that's partly because neither us or him really understands what the word means... well, the manics are one of the very few bands that we all like, and we'd like to say that we do sound like them. but we don't. every band we like has an effect on us but that still doesn't answer the question.... um .... maybe alternative punk/rock/grunge the pixies join radiohead or the manics playing with the pumpkins but not quite, so ask an easier fucking question! that's the hardest question in the world...makes the meaning of life look simple...which it is...

(the above answer was a craig + phil collaboration)

4. what is the meaning of life?

phil - to perfect the art of dying slowly.
craig - to live it to the full, a bottle in your hand the C.S.A calling round and owing your mates large sums of money!
we love it!!

anything else, just ask! we at least have more than one frequently asked question now! (thanks jeni!)

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