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Who is Scott Raynor? Scott was blink-182's original drummer. He left the band after the release of dude ranch. Travis took over after Scott left.

What does the 182 stand for? NOTHING! It means absolutely nothing, it was just a random number.

Was the band naked throughout the "What's My Age Again?" video? Yes, through most of it they were, for a few scenes they wore Speedos.

Did Mark date the girl from the dammit video? No, she was an actor, he slipped her his number, but never got a call.

Who is the girl on the Enema of the State album? Janine Lindemulder; the porn star.


Mark was inspired to write the song "Going Away to College" on Valentines Day last year after watching Can't Hardly Wait

"Adam's song" was inspired by a magazine article about a teenager who commited suicide.

Names considered for their latest album before deciding on Enema of the State: Turn your Head and Cough, Viking Wizard Eyes, and blink 182: Electric Bugaloo.

Before serving up pop-punk hits, Tom served customers at Gary's Ribs in Poway, Calif. He also used to deliver cement piping.

Tom is really into aliens and conspiracy theories Homer Simpson is Mark's hero. His fav movies are Casablanca, and Star Wars.
Travis loves leopard print. He has a cowboy hat (the one he wore in "All the Small things" video) and recliner chair in leopard pattern.

Just call Travis "Baron von Tito" That was his stage name when he was in the ska band, The Aquabats

Who has holes where? Travis: Lip. Mark: Nipple. Tom: Lip. All of em': Ears.

What about tattoo's?? Travis: between 40 and 50 (including a giant boom box on his stomach) Mark:0 Tom:8

Travis' mother died the day he entered high school - and he has a tattoo of the virgin mother on his arm in remembrance of her. RxIxP.


Why are the last three songs on Cheshire Cat in a different color? They are joke songs, and the band wanted to show this.

Can Mark really play the drums? YEAH! Mark can (or at least he used to) play the drums.

In the song Josie what does the U.L. and D.H.C. stand for? Ul stands for Unwritten Law and Dhc stands for Dance Hall Crashers. both bands are friend bands to Blink.


Ok all you losers, who ever came up with the idea that a the members of Blink 182 were gay??? Look, no one in the band is gay. They just act stupid to be funny! (And hey, you have to admitt, it works!)

Travis is on anti-depressants (even if he was, that is NONE of our business).

The girl in the "Dammit" video was Marks "X"


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