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My California Raisins

Welcome to my page about California Raisins. I have been collecting California Raisins for about 2 years now. I have quite a collection. I owe a lot of that to my Grandparents. They would pick up raisins here and there. They would always keep an eye out for anything. My Grandpa would always take me to the flea marcket and help me get some bargains. My Grandma even looked out for them when she went on vacation to Florida. So at this time I would like to thank them for all the help and dedicate this page to them. I would also like to thank my Aunt Gerry. She has helped a lot too.

These are all the California Raisins that I own. I have given a brief description of all of them. I will update the list every time I receive another California Raisins. Thanks and enjoy.

This is the first series of four series of California Rasins that were put out by the Hardee's Restuarnt Chain. These four raisins came in kids meals that were put out in 1987.They all are about 2 inches tall. Their names are from left to right: Tiny Goodbite, Justin X. Grape, Ben Indasun, and Sax Player.

This is the second series that Hardee's put into their kid's meal. There were six of them that were about 2 to 2.5 inches tall. They were put out in 1988. This is their names from left to right: Rollin' Rollo, S.B. Stuntz, Trumpy TruNote, Captain Toonz, Waves Weaver, F.F. Strings.