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Oklevueha Band Indian Colony
of the Bad River Indian Reservation

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The Oklevueha Band Colony maintains 40 acres of land located on the Bad River Indian Reservation. It is a community of mixed blood Native Americans of Oklevueha Band of Seminole descent who choose to remain sovereign and free from subjugation by the whims of the Federal US government. The Oklevueha Band assents to joint jurisdiction of the Colony site with the Lake Superior Band of Chippewa. Their desire is to remain free and independent of US federal jurisdiction, as their sovereignty has never been surrendered, nor has their tribal jurisdiction. The Oklevueha Band of Seminole is "Case Law Recognized" as an Indian Tribe, and has been continually affirmed by Florida's Governor as remaining a sovereign nation. The General Council of Oklevueha Band citizens in Wisconsin felt it necessary to develop services and benefits for its members within Wisconsin and all other Oklevueha Band Citizens to ensure the survival of the Oklevueha as an "Independent Domestic Nation." The creation of services and benefits seperate from State or Federal aid is paramount to remaining free from subjugation. While citizens of the Oklevueha are born in America, they were not eligible for blanket citizenship as provided by the American Indian Citizenship Act of 1924. Because the United States declared war, and that status has never been resolved, the Oklevueha Band of Seminole citizens were precluded from the citizenship status as they were technically enemies of the state. Therefore, any status of citizenship could only be gained through the process of Naturalization. This becomes problematic in that the Imigration and Naturalization Service refuses to recognize the Oklevueha Band of Seminole as eligible for citizenship because "all persons born in America are citizens (except that they must not only be born in the USA, but "subject to its jurisdiction"). The paradox is that the Oklevueha Citizens are subject to the jurisdiction of the Tribal Government, did not surrender or accede to the jurisdiction of the US, has an unresolved status of war with the United States, are born in the US claimed territory, but dont meet the criteria of the 14th Ammendment to the Constitution, nor do they meet the criterium of the Citizenship Act of 1924. To resolve this delema, the US Government must first formally recognize that the conditions of war are not resolved and must confirm a cease fire or end to the war. Then, the US must recognize that the Oklevueha Band of Seminole exists as separate from the US due to its status of non-surrender. This recognition would in no way infer benefits of the Bureau of Indian Affairs as the Oklevueha has remained sovereign from the US and has not accepted the jurisdiction of the US. Once the status of the Oklevueha has been resolved. Then the individual citizens of the Oklevueha would be eligible to petition for Naturalization as a citizen of the US, if they so chose.