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Irish Northern Aid of Wisconsin

We are Wisconsin Irish Northern Aid

We are Wisconsin Irish Northern Aid. Irish Northern Aid Wisconsin is based in Milwaukee. We are associated with the Irish Northern Aid of the United States. Irish Northern Aid is an American humanitarian organization formed in 1970 to alleviate the suffering of the dependents of Irish Political Prisoners. Today the families of four hundred political prisoners in Ireland, Britain and the United States are helped by our fundraising throughout the United States.

Irish Northern Aid is also an activist organization that campaigns for human and civil rights of the residents of the North of Ireland, and disseminates news and information regarding events in Northern Ireland.

The Irish Northern Aid Committee works to raise awareness of the nature of British misrule in Ireland by highlighting the colonial and sectartian nature of the artificial partition, the abuses of the human rights of the residents of the Six Counties, the right of the Irish people to national self-determination, and the British military, economic, and political occupation tthat is the root of the ongoing conflict in Ireland.

September 11- A Day to Be Mourned by All

From: Paul Doris, National Chairman September 11, 2001 Our deepest sympathies go to the families and friends of the victims of this disgraceful atrocity. There can be no possible justification for such barbarity. I call on all Irish Northern Aid leaders and members throughout the nation to organize Blood Donorship drives to help save the lives of those suffering traumatic injuries. You know what to do and I know that you will do it with the same compassion that you have shown for over thirty years. Thank you.

Milwaukee Meetings

Milwaukee meetings are held at Nash's Irish Castle, 1328 West Lincoln Avenue, Milwaukee, WI 53214. Call 414-291-9484 for more information. Or click here for a list of the 2001 meetings. Monthly Meetings

Super Bowl Sunday - February 3, 2002
Noraid Wisconsin's Super Bowl Bash

On Sunday, February 3, Noraid will sponsor its annual Noraid Super Bowl Bash at Nash's Irish Castle, 1328 West Lincoln Avenue in Milwaukee. Festivities start at 3 pm. The cost is $5 per person, and please bring a dish or dessert or snack to pass. For more information, call 414-281-9484.

Wisconsin INAC at Milwaukee's 2001 Irish Fest

INAC Wisconsin was at Milwaukee's 2001 Irish Fest, August 18-20, at Milwaukee's Henry Maier's Festival Grounds. We were also at the 1999 and 2000 Irish Fests. Thanks to all our volunteers who helped to make those weekends a success.

Wisconsin Chapter Honors 2 Supporters

The Wisconsin Chapter of INAC lost two very valuable and longtime supporters in 2000. They were Christopher "Kit" Nash and Michael Clarke.
Kit Nash was a longtime supporter of the cause of freedom in Northern Ireland. He was one of the original founders of Noraid, in 1971, in Milwaukee. Kit gave over the use of his tavern as a headquarters for the Wisconsin chapter for many years. His support of the cause, and his annual contributions to the Easter Rising Mass, kept the idea of freedom in many peoples minds for many years.
Michael Clarke was a Milwaukee Attorney who provided the Milwaukee chapter with support and encouragement for many years, too. Both of these men will be missed by the Milwaukee community, and by Wisconsin INAC.

Want to Contact Us?

If you have any questions for Irish Northern Aid Wisconsin, please call us at 414-291-9484. Or send us e-mail at

Special Events

We will be sponsoring a number of special events and speakers each year. Click on our events page to find out more information about Irish Northern Aid Wisconsin's events. Also visit our Past Speakers and Future Meetings Page for more information about our special guests and upcoming meetings.

Would You Like To Join?

If you would like to help out the cause of Irish human rights, join us. New memberships are accepted at our monthly meetings. Or you can join our national organization by clicking the button below.

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Subscribe to the Irish People

The Irish People is the only newspaper of its kind published in the United States. The Irish People brings you the news and uncensored information pertaining to the war in northeast Ireland. It also keeps readers abreast of events in the United States aimed at combatting the injustices carried out by British forces. Subscribe today!

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Noel Cassidy Petition

Noel Cassidy is a Monaghan native that spent time in prison for trumped up IRA charges. Currently, he is being threatened with deportation. He is asking for the help of all people in supporting a petiton drive to stop the deportation. Find out more on Noel Cassidy and how you can help by clicking on the Friends of Noel Cassidy. You can also contact Noel by email at Noel Cassidy. You can also sign the online petition by clicking here Sign the Petition.


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