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Now for a wee bit of legal trash can.
This page is not sponsored by, or endorsed by, any company or individual mentioned herein, other than me, myself and I! Harley Davidson is most certainly a registered trade mark and I, being the unworthy scum I am, use it only to identify what the hell I am talking about. I am not trying to steal the name, make money off the name, or sell any of their products, just trying to be descriptive without having to say "those motorcycles that are made in the USA, no not those made by a snow mobile company, no not a custom bike or anything else"

oK! Enough dribble about trying not to get sued for mentioning a trade mark by a company that paid it's CEO $1.1 Million and he has to ride a Harley to functions! If I had that position I'd... *slipping off into la la land*


Here is a pic on "how real bikers Trailer their scooters!"

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