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ARMY OF DARKNESS--The real scoop on racing from the kind of people you want to get it from.

BIKING DUTCHMAN--Crazy Euro choppers and some kustom style bobbers too.


BRAL'S GIXXER GARAGE--Gixxers, of course.

BUZZ'S PAGE--17 year old kid is building a mean GS550 chopper.

CAFERACER DOT COM--The ancestors of the streetfighter.

CHOPPER DAVE'S--Way way kool choppers and bobbers!!!!!!!

CHOPPERHEADS--Good pics and tips for beginning choppa freaks.

CHOPPERS: BIKES AND BIRDS--Choppers that fly on the ground and choppers that fly in the air.

CHOPPERS RULE--There are a lot of pics here of...guess. Some good videos of vintage racing too.

CONFEDERATE MOTORCYCLES--If you're the one-in-a-million person who's rich AND cool, you should buy one of these. There's gotta be something to modify on there...

CORNFED'S WASTED WEB SPACE--Some interesting choppers, some muscle cars, and a John Deere with ape hangers.

CYCLE ALCHEMY--A great site that covers choppers as well as streetfighters. Be sure to check it out for the project bikes.

CYCLE STYLE--Chopper frames, V8 choppers, and trikes.

DIRK'S STREETFIGHTER PAGE--A German guy details the process of creating his streetfighter. Just be sure to hit the Translate button on the page.

ENGLISHMAN'S PAGE--Englishman's shovelhead (featured in Iron Horse) and some nice brit bikes too.

FLATHEAD PHIL'S--Chopper parts for sale and some cool chopper pics.

GS RESOURCES--Devoted to the classic and indestructable Suzuki GS motorcycles. Lots of tech stuff.

GUZZIDOUG'S PAGE--Lots of bike pics. Check out his chopped Panther!

HARDTAIL'S CHOPPER SITE--British and Harley choppers, including Triumph, BSA, and even Norton chops.

HARD CORE CHOPPERS FOREVER--Indonesian choppers!

THE HORSE MAGAZINE--Join the world system! Flip your patch! Choppers rule!

HOUSE OF BUGS--A chopper page from a writer for the Horse.

IVO'S 666 CHOPPERS AND STREETFIGHTING HARLEYS--The name pretty much says it. These are some very cool bikes.

KEN'S CHOPPER PAGE--Swap meet and chopper pics.

MC MOD AUSTRALIA--Insane geniouses or just typical Australians?

THE MOTOCYCLE SHOP--New Moto Guzzis, Suzukis, Laverdas, MZs, and even Velorex sidecars. The only thing missing is Triumph, and you'd never need any other shop. Check out their restorations, customs, and the used bikes you can get shipped to your door.

MOTORCYCHO 'ZINE--A cool 'zine that will send you free helmet stickers.

MOTORCYCLE PERFORMANCE--Want air-cooled Ducati performance? This is the place. Or performance for whatever you have, for that matter.

THE RAT BIKE ZONE--The world of flat black motorcycles. Lots of tips too, like how to grow mold on your bike...

REDBIRD'S CHOPPER PAGE--Honda chopper riding hillbilly. Check back regularly for his annual "monthly blow-out".

RITCHIE'S TRIUMPH PAGE--A Trump chop in the making and some great old flat-tracking pictures.

ROBBY NITROZ STREETFIGHTER PAGE--Streetfighters and 7/11 specials.

SHARER CYCLE--Dealer of new and old Triumphs. They'll get performance from your bonnie, work on your chopper, or even fix your AJS. Be sure to buy a green Speed Triple from them, everyone needs one.

SOCIAL DEVIATE--This website is full of chopper pics and other cool stuff, and you can order the Social Deviate 'zine.

STICK UP--This place is based in NY and sells all the streetfighter stuff; Harris, Metmachex, carbon-fiber whatever....

THE STREETFIGHTER GARAGE--You can buy Harris kits and stuff for your streetfighter, and they have some great streetfighter pics.

STREETFIGHTER OWNERS CLUB--The Streetfighters Owners Club in the UK. Lots of good pics and links.

A STREETFIGHTER SITE--I don't know if this site has a name, but there are some great pics here.

TRIUMPH CHOPPERS--All Triumph choppers, all the time. Probably my favorite brand for choppers.

TWISTGRIP MAGAZINE--One of the best American motorcycle magazines. Currently not in print, they're producing this online zine instead.

U.T.M.C.--The Underground Terrorist Motorcycle Cult site, from former 667 webmaster.

WORLD OF MOTORCYCLES--Streetfighters, ratbikes, and dirt bikes. Lot's of great pictures.

THE XL SHED--Great pics of some hard core Sportsters.


ROCKABILLY HALL OF FAME--Lot's of song clips you can download--from rare old out-takes to brand new bands. Tons of information on rockabilly too.

GENE VINCENT OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE--Elvis who? Gene Vincent's the real deal--all the way back to '52.

LINK WRAY--He invented rock n' roll. So how come you never heard of him? Go here and find out about the baddest man to ever play a guitar.

DAVIE ALLAN AND THE ARROWS--Possibly the second baddest man to ever play a guitar, Davie Allen was and is king of fuzz instrumentals. He writes lots of songs about choppers and raising hell on choppers.

TOTAL ENERGY RECORDS--The current home of Davie Allen and the Arrows, MC5 reissues, Sun Ra, and some very cool bands.

THE CRAMPS--The original bad music for bad people. This is the stuff.

ESTRUS RECORDS--The biggest and best garage/surf/trash label there is.

CRYPT RECORDS--Almost takes the title from Estrus. They've got some of the loudest, trashiest stuff you'll find anywhere.

NORTON RECORDS--They re-issue old, hard to find real rock and roll, like Link Wray and the Raymen, the Johnny Burnette Trio, the Sonics, the Wailers, and tons of others. They also release records by newer bands like Flat Duo Jets, Untamed Youth, Phantom Surfers, Jackie and the Cedrics, and more.

PACHINKO--Madison, Wisconsin's very own hardcore noise punk band on Alternative Tentacles. They can beat up your favorite band.

ALTERNATIVE TENTACLES RECORDS--Jello Biafra's label brings you bands like the Dead Kennedys and Pachinko. Punk IS politics.

BIG BLACK--The beginning of American noise style.

TOUCH & GO RECORDS--Home of Big Black and probably the only label to have a motorcycle roadracing team.

ZENI GEVA--Deadly Japanese noise-core band led by K.K. Null.

CASH MONEY--Two greasers make a big badass noise and fry bacon on stage.

MAN...OR ASTRO MAN?--A surf-style instrumental band comprised of aliens from outer space. Humans just can't compare to these freaks.

SPACE STREAKINGS--Supercrazyfasternonstopjapanesespeedballweirdofreakoutnoise*!*!*!#%*@! (Download the mini-car video!!)

FUTON RECORDS--Japanese hardcore electronic music with lots of downloadable wav files. This stuff rocks.

GUITAR WOLF--Their sound is what they are; hardcore rock and roll. I'm not sure what the formula is, but there's punk, noise, and rockabilly in there somewhere. Link Wray must be proud.

LOS STRAITJACKETS--A bunch of guys playing great surf instrumentals in Lucha Libre masks.

SOUTHERN CULTURE ON THE SKIDS--Hot rod hillbillies whip up ditties about things you don't discuss at the dinner table.

THE VON ZIPPERS--Crazy iron cross wearing fuzz-tone-freaks from Canada kick it Davie Allan style.

AU-GO-GO RECORDS--A cool Australian label with lots of 7"s and odd releases by some of the best garage, surf, trash and punk bands around.

GET HIP RECORDS--Get hip! That pretty much says it...