My name is Beth and I've been a fan of Wil since I saw him on Good News Week about three years ago. His wit made me laugh, his looks entranced me and that nail polish excited me.

I listen to Wil on JJJ and after missing Wilennium when it was in Sydney I took a trip (with some uni friends) down to the Melbourne Comedy Festival. I thought the show was phenomenal and after meeting Wil I was even more enticed into the comic world. This funny man turned about to be a gentleman and I wanted to learn more about him.

So after endless internet searches and scanning of magazines I found basically nothing and decided to set up the web page myself. Well, here it is in all its' glory, ready for contributions and tid bits of information. (It could also be that I needed an output for my newly acquired, University taught skills in HTML.)

Well, the site's been up and running for a while now and has led me to know Wil a little better and i must say he is a genuine guy who deserves a little bit of the internet all for himself. Wil is most definately the gentleman.

But, for now feel free to email me with any suggestions, articles, tour dates, reviews or pictures so we can have a definitive source of information.

Wil, this one's for you!