Okay, so I haven't been here for ages and unfortunatley won't be back for a while either. I have found myself with a permanent job onboard the P&O Cruise Ship, Pacific Sky which sees me in Sydney for a few hours every 10-12 days. Sorry, but with many commitments I don't seem to have enough time to update a web page, let alone find the information to update it with.

I am still going to leave the page here, it is just basically missing information on Wil from his GlassHouse show and all that can be found here.

Wil will be doing a show in Sydney in December and stuffing around on JJJ as always. I still love the guy, think he's hilarious and get updates on what he's up to. So enjoy the site, use it as a way to find out what Wil did before you discovered him and as always laugh.


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