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My Hercules/Kevin Sorbo Photo Album

Welcome to my Hercules/Kevin Sorbo photo album! Okay I have to admit this. I've been collecting pictures for maybe 2 or 3 years now. So if you do happen to find any pictures here that you have made, scanned or whatever, please e-mail me and I'll link your page to mine, and give you full credit for it, K? :?) Oh...and also before you take off, all you have to do to see these pics full sized is to click on it. EVEN if there's an "X" in place of the pictures. Other than that, enjoy!

Oh the wonderful pictures of Hercules

You just gotta love his eyes! Here he comes to save the day! It says it all. Deep in thought That just captures my breath!

And now to the pictures of the man behind the gauntlets, yellow vest, and leather pants!!

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