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Kazakhstan Links

This is a list of links to web pages about Kazakhstan. Please e-mail Jonathan Laatsch if you would like to see this list updated in any way.


US Military working with Kazakhstan

DefenseLINK News: U.S. Servicemembers Set To Deploy For Exercise CENTRASBAT 2000 (8 Sep 00)

DefenseLINK News: U.S. and Kazakhstan Sign "Defense Cooperation Plan for 2000" (20 Dec 99)

DefenseLINK News: General Henry H. Shelton, Chairman, JCS (17 Nov 97)

DefenseLINK News: Tasting an Ancient Culture (6 Oct 97)

DefenseLINK News: Exercise Central Asian Battalion '97 Brief (27 Aug 97)


Kazakhstan's Military and Nuclear Security

Center for Nonproliferation Studies (Search for Kazakhstan related reports)

DefenseLINK News: Brigadier General Gregory G. Govan, USA, On-Site Inspection Agency (21 Feb 1995)

Secretary Cohen meets in his Pentagon office with the Minister of Defense of Kazakhstan Lt. Gen. Sat Takpakbayev (28 Dec 1999)

DefenseLINK News: Minister of Defense Col. Gen. Mukhtar Altynbayev, Republic of Kazakhstan (20 July 1998)

Defense Issues: Volume 13 Number 34-- Nuclear Deterrence Force Still Essential (31 Mar 1998)

DefenseLINK News: U.S., Kazakhstan Increase Military Ties (26 Nov 1997)

DefenseLINK News: Kazakhstan "Non-Nuclear", Project Sapphire: Purchase of Highly Enriched Uranium from Kazakhstan (11 Apr 1996)

DefenseLINK News: Intercontinental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) Silo dismantlement for Kazakhstan (29 Nov 1995)

Nonproliferation And Kazakstani Security Policy (Spring 1998)

Nuclear- And Missile-Related Trade and Developments For Selected Countries (Nov 1997 - Feb 1998)

U.S. Assistance Programs for Improving MPC&A in the Former Soviet Union (2 Mar 1995)

Nuclear Politics And The Future Security Of Kazakhstan 1994

Nuclear Security In Kazakhstan And Ukraine: An Interview With Vladimir Shkolnik And Nicolai Steinberg



Weather Channel International Kazakhstan Forecasts (All Cities)


Alma Ata









Washington Post Weather Almaty Forecast


Personal Travel Reports and Information



Tree lined road.Scenes of Kazakhstan: Jonathan's Photo Collection


Current Events

Washington Post Search for Kazakhstan




BradyNet Financial Ratings for Kazakhstan

Center for Strategic and International Studies               

CSIS: Caspian Energy Update -- Crude Business Corruption and Caspian Oil (27 Jun 2001)

CSIS: Panel Two The Baku-Ceyhan Pipeline (7 Jun 2001)

CSIS: Post-Soviet Prospects (February 1999)

The Securities Market and Privatization in the Republic of Kazakhstan (Russian)

The Securities Market and Privatization in the Republic of Kazakhstan (English)

US State Department 1995 Trade Report on Kazakhstan


Mining News

Search for News on Mining in Kazakhstan by InfoMine

Ivanhoe Mines To Resume Gold Production At Bakyrchik Mine, Kazakhstann  (29 May 2001)

Cameo/KazAtomProm to Assess Potential of Inkai Uranium Deposit (21 July 2000)

Indochina Golfields Acquires Remaining 20% Interest of Bakyrchik Gold Mine In Kazakhstan (3 Feb 1999)

Indochina Goldfields To Proceed With Project Financing To Construct Phase I Of Bakyrchik Gold Project In Kazakhstan, Following Receipt Of Final Engineering Report And Production Plan (17 Nov 1997)

Indochina Goldfields Completes Ownership Restructuring Of Bakyrchik Gold Mine In Kazakhstan, Expanding Interest To 86 Percent (29 Sept 1997)

Indochina Goldfields Stake In Kazakhstan Gold Mine Approved By Shareholders Of Bakyrchik Gold (11 Apr 1997)

Indochina Goldfields To Acquire Direct Stake In Large, Privatized Gold Mine In Kazakhstan (16 Dec 1996)



Miscellaneous Official Information on Almaty and Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan Non-Government Organizations by City

The Human Rights Situation In Kazakhstan: January-October 1996 (very comprehensive)

International Programme Technical Assistance for Health Care Reform in Kazakhstan

CIA World Fact Book on Kazakhstan

Turkic Republics and Communities List of Links on Selected Countries

Last Modified: 17 January 1999
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