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Northeast Iowa Television Stations
Last Updated April 14, 2013
This page lists digital stations by virtual channels, or their PSIP, rather then actual digital channel allotments.
Low Power and translator stations still broadcasting in analog are designated as "Analog Facilities"

Channel 2

KGAN Cedar Rapids/Waterloo/Iowa City/Dubuque 
DTV Subchannels & Networks:
        2-1 CBS (HD) "CBS2"
        2-2 The Cool TV (SD)
RF Channel: 51
Facilities: 850kw @ 1919'
Owner: Sinclair Broadcast Group
Channel 3
KIMT Mason City/Rochester MN/Austin MN 
DTV Subchannels & Networks:
        3-1 CBS (HD) "KIMT 3"
        3-2 MyNetworkTV (SD) "My 3.2"
RF Channel: 42
Facilities: 800kw @ 1519'
Owner: New Vision Television
Channel 6
KAAL Mason City 
DTV Subchannels & Networks:
        6-1 ABC (HD) "ABC6"
Station Rebroadcasts: KAAL-6 Austin MN
RF Channel: 33
Facilities: 8.3kw
Owner: Hubbard Broadcasting
Channel 7 Channel 9 Channel 12
KIIN-TV Iowa City/Cedar Rapids/Quad Cities
Channel 14
K14AF Decorah
Network: PBS // KYIN-24 Mason City
Owner: Iowa Public Broadcasting
Analog Facilities: 5.87kw (CP) Ch. 16, 150kw (App) LD Ch. 28, 15kw d
Channel 17
K17ET Cedar Rapids
Network: TBN
Owner: Trinity Broadcasting Network
Analog Facilities: 4kw (CP) 15kw LD
Channel 20 Channel 22 Channel 24
KYIN Mason City/Austin MN/Rochester MN
DTV Subchannels & Networks:
        24-1 PBS (HD)
        24-2 IPTV Learns (SD)
        24-3 IPTV World (SD)
Station Rebroadcasts: KDIN-11 Des Moines
RF Channel: 18
Facilities: 533kw @ 1471' d
Translator Stations:
    K28KK-D Decorah
        RF Channel: 28
        Facilities: 15kw d
    K41AD-D Lansing/La Crosse WI/Prairie du Chien WI

        RF Channel: 38
        Facilities: 15kw d
Owner: Iowa Public Broadcasting
Channel 28
KFXA Cedar Rapids/Waterloo/Iowa City/Dubuque 
Channel 32 Channel 40 Channel 44
K44FK Waterloo/Cedar Falls
Analog Facilities: 9.1kw (CP) 15kw LD
Channel 48
KPXR-TV Cedar Rapids/Waterloo/Iowa City/Dubuque