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WSUM's Jack Bruce SuperShow '99

Welcome to the Jack Bruce SuperShow '99 website! Here, you will find information regarding the latest in our labors of desire, broadcasting Jack's music around the globe. This includes plans for the netcast show, how to link up via RealPlayer netcasting software, and what our ideas are for a playlist of Jack's music. Primary force behind the SuperShow concept is Dave Black, General Manager of WSUM (at the UW - Madison campus). His associates in presenting the show are two other JB fan(atics) from Madison, Wisconsin.

The show will be pre-recorded on March 8th, and netcasted from WSUM in Madison, Wisconsin on March 11th from 17:30 to 19:30 CST (00:30 to 02:30 GMT). Plans to re-netcast the show are also in the works. If anyone has a light-hearted JB quip or antecdotal that might be shared, kindly contact Dave Black before March 8th. Sorry, dear Brucers, there will be no playlist requests this time. We do believe that you will find that the music chosen is diverse, somewhat unique, and very enjoyable to experience.

Well, we hope that you are as enthusiastic as we are to listen to some of Jack's efforts over the world-wide-web. Let's get it together, have some fun, feel real good!!!!

Announcement!!! Announcement!!!