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Boris' QS Support Page

For Windows based systems. 


Hello everybody.

This is my little unofficial QS support page. I'll feature stuff that people frequently ask me for on the road. Of course you should also check out our official Alesis page.  Did you know that the Alesis site has manuals for virtually everything they make (and have made) available as a free download?

 Go to the official Alesis Site

new: Dealers / Venues: You can view my clinic setup online.

Check it out...

First, here are some cool, Alesis related links:

Soundtower - Makers of the QSEdit editor program

very cool rhodes sound for download

The Midiworld Quadrasynth Pages  custom PCs for audio & MIDI

The Synth Zone

The QE2 editor page

Phil Honsinger's Quadrasynth Page


Most of the files on this page are 'zipped'. If you don't have an unzipper, I would highly recommend you download Winzip 7.0 SR-1. It is very cool.

Download WinZip


This is the Cakewalk .INS file for the QS6.

To make it work, you have to do the following:

First, copy this file to your Cakewalk directory. Then go to the Settings menu; Assign Instruments; Define Instruments; Import; find and click on QS_6.INS; Open; select Alesis QS6; OK; Close; highlight the appropriate Midi Ports and select Alesis QS6 from the list; OK.

That's it.

Cakewalk .INS file for QS6

This is the same thing for the QS7, QS8 and QSR.

Cakewalk .INS file for QS7,QS8 & QSR




These are the Instrument Definition files for the Steinberg Cubase family (incl. Score, AudioXT and VST). Simply add the file to the Alesis folder in the Studio Module Drivers directory and select your synth in the Studio Module.

Cubase .DEV Definition for QS7, QS8 and QSR *** new version with support for all card banks ***

Cubase .DEV Definition for the QS6 *** new version with support for all card banks ***

Cubase .NAM Definitions for Q-Cards *** in the Studio Module, load these name lists according to which Q-Card you have inserted ***


In my clinics I get a lot of requests for the sounds that I use as my trio, so here they are. (That's bass, drums and piano, for you non-jazz-heads...) They are in Unisyn (PC) format. Straight ahead and swinging...

Piano (Boriano)

Bass (BoAcBass)

Drums (Jazz)

By popular request:   My complete QS8 user bank as a standard midi file.   A lot of the sounds from 100 on won't do anything for you and neither will most of the mixes, but you can extract whatever you want...)

Boris' QS8 User Bank

Here are the latest versions of the Alesis Serial Driver.

Alesis Serial Driver for Windows 3.1 / 3.11

Alesis Serial Driver for Windows 95 / 98

Here is a document with instructions for the serial drivers.

What else would you like to see on this page?


This email link is for suggestions.  Before you e-mail me:  Please be aware that I am not Alesis tech-support.  Their number is 1-800-5-ALESIS or email  Technically, I don't even work directly for Alesis anymore.  If you still want to ask me a tech question, go ahead.  But chances are I won't have time to respond...  

email me...


you are QS enthusiast # to check out this page.


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