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The book is published in a limited edition,
copies are available now.

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This Book...

"Regulus Ebertin Cosmobiology Beyond 2000"

covers new research into the Vertex.
Equatorial Ascendant and Part of Fortune, using Cosmobiology methods which can also be applied to
traditional astrology.

The Vertex gives natal, rectification, relocation and synastry examples.
There is also extensive new work on the influence of the Vertex in areas
of natal interpretations, its use in financial investment and real estate,
as well as in synastry.

The Equatorial Ascendant shows the different values between it and the birthplace Ascendant.
The Part of Fortune and its value in solar arc and secondary directions.
These points were not used in the work of Reinhold Ebertin
but have been investigated since his death.
Other chapters are included predictive techniques, fixed stars in tropical longitude,
mundane astrology, eclipses 2000-2006, new harmonic aspects and midpoints in Cosmobiology,
as well as case studies, Chiron has been added to all charts,
Doris Greaves is well known to astrologers in the USA through her lectures.

Here are some of the Cities where she gave lectures:
New York, Chicago, Washington DC, Lynchburg, Ohio, Philadelphia, Kansas City,
Dallas, Fort Worth, Denver, San Francisco, Seattle, Phoenix and Las Vegas,
Los Angeles, Boston, Cape Code and Pittsburgh.
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