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© Ann Williams-Fitzgerald 1999

(Frilled Neck Lizard)

Dreamtime; Letting Go

Frilled Neck Lizard is card number 22 in the deck and for the purpose of numerology we do not break this down but leave it as 22 as this is a Master number. 22 brings power and success and control into your life, but the shadowside of 22 can bring an attitude of materialistic, dictatorial and insensitive nature. 22 is spiritually motivated and is a humanitarian. On the card the key words are: Dreamtime, Letting Go, Past Issues, Awareness, Inner Dreams and Re-growth.

The rune symbol of Frilled Neck Lizard is ‘Ansuz’ which will increase your communicative skills and your learning ability. This is the messenger rune, your message is that a new life is unfolding for you. The planet of importance is the Sun. In antiquity, numerous civilizations thought that the sun was ‘God/Spirit’ himself or the visible manifestation of the Supreme Being/The Source, and made the sun a symbol of creative power.

The sun is humanised to raise man’s level to a divine level and is the model of true man. It symbolises the law of eternal renewal. We have highlighted Frilled Neck Lizard as the lizard on our cards but any Australian Lizard vibrates to this card and wisdom. Lizard is the Auz Astrology symbol for the astrological sign of Leo the lion and we find our Frilled Neck Lizard is depicted sitting on a blue square with the symbol for Leo in the centre. Frilled Neck Lizard is looking at the symbol for Turquoise and the Thymus Chakra. This symbol also has some hidden messages to it. All this is surrounded by the colour yellow. When we break this down we find that a square is the cosmic symbol, an ‘emblem’ of ‘the world and nature’. It assumes the symbolism of the number 4 and symbolises order. For Carl Jung a square symbolised matter, body and reality. Our square here is coloured blue for communication and the 5th chakra so we are being urged to communicate our inner dreams and to let go of the past. The past is all around us as represented by the colour yellow for our 3rd chakra, our emotional centre.

The Medicine

Oh what wonderful dreams we weave of times forgotten and times remembered. Lizard remembers the Dreamtime, has not forgotten the times he ruled the Earth. One thing Lizard has not forgotten but alas man has, is, how to let go. Lizard when under threat will let go of his tail as a defence mechanism thereby ensuring his survival, but man will not let go of past issues and this will always be his undoing, by bringing about dis-ease. If man would only remember to trust his inner Dream and learn to let go, his enlightenment would be ensured.

The Shadow Side

You refuse to let go of your past hurts thus stopping your growth. This is not a healthy aspect as this is what produces dis-ease in the body. You are out of harmony and balance with life at present.

The Crystal - Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli is said to have existed before ‘time was born’. It allows you to gain access to your Dreamtime. This is the stone of ‘total awareness’ - a very powerful healer.

The Message

If Lizard has dashed past you, you are being reminded by ‘Spirit’ of your Inner Dream, of those very things that you set out to achieve. Today will find you getting closer to those Dreams but be aware of letting go of the past. Make sure you call on the ability to let go of those things that no longer serve your higher purpose, so you can call on your own re-growth.


I let go of issues that no longer serve my higher self.

Lizard has a message for you

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