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YEE HAAAA!!! WELL LET'S SEE IF THIS WORKS...AFTER ALL, I AM TODDY... ___________________________________________________________________ A smile is a sign of joy. A hug is a sign of love. A laugh is a sign of happiness. And a friend like me??? Hell, that's just a sign of good taste!! BOOOOOOO!!! Boy am I scared!!!!!!!!!!!! ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ If you have a b-day you want me to announce, just email me and let me know, cuz everyone will see it, cuz this is the most searched out webpage around...(bullshit!!!) This months birthdays include my beautiful little grandaughter Ava (below) 2 years old, and Dan Lohr my godchild (I am the Godfather, so look out) both of them born on October 31!!! ____________________________________________________________________ Here is me getting ready for a nap, my sleeping area during the fall!!! ____________________________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________ If you see anything on this site that needs correcting or you would like to have me put something on here, just email me. You special people have my personal email, all others use the below! ...thanks...Hot Toddy ____________________________________________________________________ This site will look different to everyone depending on what type of screen or browser you have, so if it looks weird, oh well, I tried my best!!! ____________________________________________________________________ Click for Madison, Wisconsin Forecast ___________________________________________________________________ And now here are some fun things for ya to make you laugh!!! ___________________________________________________________________ And now something from my buddy Bart... Awww, don't blush after seeing that...That's just the way Bart is!!! Well that's all for now, I will be keeping an out for ya!!! Keep checking back for seasonal, holiday, and my sophmoric changes. Check out my favorite links below. If you want current Madison weather, and you can see the weather bar above, click on it. And a new link is on the bottom, it is some fun Halloween Games, pretty simple and but challenging, so what the hell, try 'em out!!! I am leaping outta here!!! CYA Later __________________________________________________________________ ___________________________________________________________________ ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Great Sites!!! (I think!)

***Best Team In The NFL!!! My Favorite!!! THE GREEN BAY PACKERS!!!
***Best College Team Around, THE WISCONSIN BADGERS!!!
***Best Race Track In America...ROAD AMERICA!!! Located in Elkhart Lake Wisconsin!!!
***The Madison Mallards Baseball Team!!!
***The Exact Correct Time In Madison!!!
***Coolest Place To Live...Where Hot Toddy Lives!!!
***Madison, Wisconsin Official Info Web Page!!!
***Dancing Paul...Excellent!!!
***My Theme Song***
***Beer Troubleshooting!!!