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*All That Jazz lyrics (Compares all four versions)
*Peace of Mind lyrics
*Breathe's history
*Learn a little about the guys 10+ years ago!
*B-side lyrics
*Press kit from 1987
*Video review-please send in your opinions too!
*Radio commentary by David in the Peace of Mind days
*The Final Chapter - Where are they now? (Updated July 29, 2005)
*Find out a little more about me.....

Hi, and welcome to my page! As you can see this is my favorite band of all time. I am doing this page as a tribute and to make the world remember an amazing band. I guess what I am trying to say is, please don't sue me! I have given credit to those who are due, most of the info here is not my own! Enjoy your stay, and come back soon, this page is always under construction! :o) Melissa

1/25/07-- Here is a link to David's MySpace account. It is getting updated more regularly now and looks great! New songs added!
Marcus' band's website is here. Thought I'd posted that before but can't find it... Oops!

For those of you looking for Breathe's videos, I found Hands to Heaven by Breathe and covered by Christian Bautista (and others), How Can I Fall? by Breathe and covered by Jed Madela, Don't Tell Me Lies and Say a Prayer all on
Updated 8/22/06

My new email address is:

I would like to thank all of you who have made this page what it is! You know who you are- thanks guys!