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Joseph H Wells - farmed the Wea Plains, Tippecanoe County, Indiana (The Wea Plains is the area south of Lafayette. There was a Wea Tribe of Native Americans in this area and the plains were apparently named after them. The land was just what it says--plains, as opposed to forest. It is fairly flat, few trees, covered with prairie grass at that time. Now it has very fertile, rich soil and they raise a LOT of corn and soybeans).

According to family tradition, Joseph H Wells m Liz Chizum.

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Joseph H and Liz Chizum-Wells had at least one child, a son - Joseph Nathaniel Wells. Family records (sketchy at best) list Liz Chizum as the mother of Joseph Nathaniel Wells.

I have a copy of a marriage certificate which shows that a Joseph Wells was married to Amanda Jay in Indiana, on Aug 31, 1876 -- by E. M. Weaver, J.P. (Justice of the Peace). The marriage certificate states that Amanda Jay was an orphan for at least two years before her marriage. It also says that she would be 18 on Nov 2, 1876. My records also seem to indicate that she and Joseph Wells may have had two sons - one was Marion Wells (died in his teens) and the other Curtis Wells.

Amanda may somehow tie into the Samuel Jay (b 20 Sep 1807 in Miami County, Ohio. Son of Jesse & Sarah Brooks Jay) & Elizabeth Elmore Jay's (daughter of David & Phebe Pugh Elmore) family from Miami County, Ohio to Tippecanoe County, Indiana. (Phebe Pugh was born 1784 in South Carolina & died circa 1855 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Her husband, David Elmore, was born 10 Mar 1786 in South Carolina to Mathias & Elizabeth Appleton Elmore. David Elmore died 21 Jul 1840 in Tippecanoe County, Indiana) Samuel and Elizabeth married 2 Apr 1827. They had 9 children: James (b 1829), Martha (b 1832, Thomas (b 1833), Pheby (b 1834), Harriet (b 28 Oct 1835, married John A Misner 6 Apr 1856 & d 15 Dec 1858), David (b 1838), Michael (b 1840), Lydia (b 1843) & Sarah (b 1848). They can be found in the 1860 census of Wea Township, Tippecanoe County, Indiana. Perhaps Amanda Jay was a daughter of James, Thomas, David or Michael.

Joseph Nathaniel Wells (b Oct 25, 1864 d Jul 27, 1895) born near Lafayette, Indiana. Joseph Nathaniel Wells married Hattie Mae Vice (b Jan 20, 1872 d Jan 26, 1911) on Apr 03, 1889 in Clinton County, Indiana (IGI Record Film Number 1761047) at the home of John Howard Vice - Rev. Samuel Tarr officiated.

Hattie Mae Vice was the daughter of Anna Mariah Peed (b 1842 d Jul 26, 1909). Anna Mariah Peed (age 15) m Joseph Chizum (age 21), had a son and a daughter. It is believed Joseph Chizum died in the Civil War. The son from this marriage, W.J. Chizum, was a photographer and later lived with his Vice family until his death. He had a club foot. Anna Mariah Peed (Chizum Vice) then married John Howard Vice on Oct 5, 1865 in Wingate, Montgomery County, Indiana - had seven children, two sons and five daughters (one of whom was Hattie Mae Vice).(IGI Record File Number 1761120) John Howard Vice was married prior to Anna Mariah Peed to Nancy Edwards they had 8 children, many were "farmed" out to other families temporarily until he married Anna Mariah Peed (Chizum Vice).

John Howard Vice was the son of Aquilla Vice and Margaret Howard. (IGI Record File Number 2034860) Aquilla Vice could well be the son of Nathaniel (or John)Vice & Elizabeth White who m 1793 Clark County, Kentucky. Elizabeth White may be the daughter of Aquilla & Susanna (Noland) White who owned considerable land in Madison County, Kentucky until about 1810. They probably died early 1820's in Montgomery County, Kentucky. Aquilla White claimed pension for military service in Pennsylvania. Other findings indicate Aquilla White b in Baltimore Co. Md. in 1745, married Susannah Noland in Rowan Co. NC. January 26, 1765, with Francis Taylor as the best man and John Frohock as the witness, and married with the consent of William Noland, 1/25/1765. Aquilla White was taxed in Bedford Co. PA, 1773-1779. Served in the Rev. War from Pa., he served as a Captain in the Pennsylvania Line. *Aquilla White was also in Boonesborough KY, spring of 1779, with Daniel Boone. Aquilla White died in Montgomery Co. Ky. 1823. Father of Aquilla White was either John or Thomas White, known sister Nancy White b. ca. 1764.

*According to the Register of the Kentucky Historical Society, Vol.86, #4,p.329: The Defenders and Hunters of Boonesborough, 1779, according to George M. Bedinger: JNO. HOLDER, Jas. Estill, Sam Estill, Capt. Dav.Gass, Maj.Thos. Swearingen, Benoni Sweringen, Col. Wm. Morgan, Ralph Morgan, John Taylor, Sam.Dusee, John Strode, Jas. Duncan, John Constant, Jesse Hedges, John Gass, Wm. Cradlebaugh, Jacob Stearns [Starns], Old Nicholas Proctor and sons Jos. and Reuben, Old John South and sons Tom and Jack, another John South, John Martin, John Calloway, James Bathe [Beathe], James Berry, John Bankman, John Haweson, Chas. Edw. Lochart, Aquilla White, Joseph Doniphan.

FORT BOONESBOROUGH: This fort was established in 1775 in current day Madison Co, on the south bank of the Kentucky River. On Oct. 14, 1779, there was a siege at Boonesborough there were supposedly only 60 at the fort in contrast to 340 Indians. One of the listed men at Boonesborough was Aquilla White, who arrived there in April of 1779.

"...And there I will mention an incident that happened on the way in the wilder- ness. A number, now, of Bryants and others, were along. One company was considerable as to numbers, and when in the wilderness, not far from the Cumberland River, we stopped to eat our dinners and noon it, as it was called and to let our horses graze. While we were stopped, a number of men took their guns and turned out to hunt, wishing to kill deer, and while they were out from camp, one man, Aquila White, shot and killed William Beamlett, mis- taking him for an Indian. Beamlett was a preacher, and one of our company, and there we buried him. Tomlinson and myself reached home in safety."
Taken from:
Reminiscences from the Life of Col. Cave Johnson
Written by Cave Johnson, 1849, several months before his passing.
Published in the KY Register, May 1922, Vol. 20, No.59 Reprinted in the Johnson Digest, by Robert R. & Louise Stracener Payne Private Printing, 1990
submitted to the Kentucky Archives by: Polly A. Menendez

AGE 89

Notes for William BRAMBLETT Jr -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- General Note Cedar Hill House "[On April 1,1779, we left Orange County, Virginia, for Kentucky. There were about 200 miles of roads from the Holston waters to Kentucky. The party crossed the Cumberland River, stopped at Boonesborough, and the last of April 1779 arrived at Bryant's Station on the North Elkhorn. About July 1779 the party left the North Elkhorn to return to Virginia and] ... I will relate an incident that happened in the wilderness ... When in the wilderness, not far from the Cumberland River, we stopped to eat our dinners and ... to let our horses graze. While we were stopped, a number of men took their guns and turned out to hunt, wishing to kill deer, and while they were out from camp one man, Aquila White, shot and killed William Bramblett, mistaking him for an Indian. Bramblett was a preacher and one of our company and there we buried him." "Reminiscences From the Life of Col. Cave Johnson," originally published in the KENTUCKY REGISTER, volume 20 (May 1922). Note: This is William Bramlett, Jr, son of William Sr. Birth: 1719 Essex County, Virginia Will: 26 Feb 1779 Death: 1779 Flat Rock, Kentucky being accidentally shot and killed by Aquilla White

More Aquilla White information:

The Noland family records include: William Noland, Sr. left a will in 1804 in Berkeley Co., VA (now WV). His wife was Joanna ______. Their children were: a. Obediah/Obed, the first child married a widow, Priscilla Bailey, in 1798. b. William, Jr., married Phoebe___________. c .Thomas, died 12 Dec 1820 while riding. d. Pearce/Pierce e. Philip, married Martha Ann Gibson, 4/5/1798 in Frederick Co., VA f. Henry, married Nancy White 3/7/1771 in VA.died 25/6/1807 in Madison Co., KY. g. Susanna, b. 1745/7, married 6/1/1765 Aquilla White (brother of Nancy White) h. Joshua (the Tory), married Sarah Williams i. Mary/Polly, (one piece of information has her marrying Joseph Skinner in 1786; another marrying Robert Martin in 1799; both could be true.) She died in Clark Co., KY about 1825. In his will, William gave son Obed the home plantation (probably because the others had moved to Kentucky) and he was to pay 300 lbs. to the other heirs. There is a great deal of information in the Madison County, Kentucky, records about this family. These brothers might be the "seven Noland brothers" who were in the Revolutionary war, one of whom died in 1780 and would not have been mentioned in the will of 1804. This will can be found in Book 3, page 593, 25 April 1804 (also page 617); and Book 4, page 143 for the appraisement. A copy can be requested from the Courthouse in Martinsburg, WV. This William might have been the one who bought 54 acres on Back Creek in Berkeley County in 1776. I have a note that he might have lived in Rowan Co., NC in 1759. I believe he is from the St. Mary's Co., MD Nolands. Pierce is possibly the one who had land in Henderson Co., Kentucky and died there.

Anna Mariah Peed was the daughter of William Peed (1807). William Peed m Mary A _____ and had three children - *William Peed, Jr. (b 1837), Anna Mariah Peed (b 1842), and John Peed (b 1846). William Peed Sr. remarried Elizabeth _____ (b 1832) and had two children, Sarah E. Peed (b 1856) and Martha J Peed (b 1859).

*According to Tippecanoe County, Indiana Biographies: ENOCH FRANCIS HAYWOOD, a prosperous and enterprising agriculturist of Tippecanoe County, resides on section 22, Jackson Township, where he is actively engaged in farming and stock raising. Mr. HAYWOOD is a native of Tippecanoe County, born in the township where he now makes his home, September 9, 1847, a son of HENRY HAYWOOD, who is now a resident of Fairfield Township, this county. He was reared to manhood in his native county to the vocation of a farmer, which he has followed through life, and in his boyhood he attended the schools of his neighborhood where he received a fair common school education. He was married May 28, 1867, to Miss MARGARET PEED, a daughter of WILLIAM PEED, now deceased, who was one of the early settlers of this county. To this union seven children were born, of whom five are yet living, their names being as follows: EDWARD, MATTIE, ELLA, CHARLIE, and EMMA. By industry and good management Mr. HAYWOOD has been very successful through life, and is now the owner of 443 acres of good land, all of which he has acquired by fair and honorable means. He is a member of the Masonic lodge at Romney. In his political views he affiliates with the Democratic party.

Joseph Nathaniel Wells (b Oct 25, 1864 d Jul 27, 1895) m Hattie Mae Vice (b Jan 20, 1872 d Jan 26, 1911) on April 03, 1889 in Clinton County, Indiana, at the home of John Howard Vice - Reverend Samuel Tarr officiated.

Joseph Nathaniel Wells and Hattie Mae Vice-Wells had the following children:

1. John Deloss Wells ( b Jan 24, 1890 d Aug 22, 1892) John Deloss Wells could not walk or talk.
2. Joseph Elva Wells (b Aug 28, 1891 d Jul 2, 1928) (IGI Record Film Number 1903694)m Hazel Emily Fagin on February 10, 1915 at the Fagin's home - Reverend Dunlavy officiated.
3. Opha Wells (b Mar 16, 1893 d Mar 22, 1893)(IGI Record Film Number 1761004)
4. Flossie May Wells Strain (b Jul 21m 1894) m Herbert Strain on Mar 23, 1911 and had four children:
a. Herbert F Strain (1911) b. Calvin Earl Strain (b Feb 5, 1912) c. Herbert Theodore Strain (b Aug 22, 1914) d, George William Strain (b Oct 19, 1914)

On November 19 1896, Hattie Mae Vice-Wells remarried John Frances Stingley and had the following children:
a. Orval Lee Stingley (b Oct 6, 1897) m Nellie Shaup on Oct 20, 1914 b.Mary E. Stingley (b Sept 20, 1899) m Walter Brown in Jul of 1919 in the St James Lutheran church c. Ola Preston (b Sept 9, 1904 d Oct 21, 1908) m Elinor Everett on Jan 14 1925, in Crawfordsville,Montgomery Co., Indiana d. Lowell Eber Stingley (b Sept 20, 1908 d Oct 21, 1908) and e. Norman (Norran) Theodore Stingley (b Oct 20, 1909 d April of 1910)

My family line follows Joseph Elva Wells and Hazel Emily Fagin Wells.

Me, a Belleville, WI GroganIf you would like more information or have corrections and additions
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