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Belleville claims it's title as the UFO Capital of the World, based on UFO sightings.

Several UFO sightings have occurred with many separate individuals, from scattered locations, claiming to have witnessed UFO's. The Illinois Air Traffic Control also verified an unidentified object at the same time and location as one of the reported sightings.

The community of Belleville holds a yearly UFO Day Festival! The UFO Festival has been held on a weekend near Halloween every year, to honor a string of alleged UFO sightings. The UFO Festival includes a parade and a costume contest.

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The population of Belleville is approximately 1500, about 600 families.

The amount of land area in Belleville is 2.701 sq. kilometers with about 0.413 sq. kilometers of surface water.

Belleville is about 16 statute* miles from Madison, the Wisconsin state capital. The distance from Belleville to Washington DC is 739 statute miles.

Belleville is positioned 42.86 degrees north of the equator and 89.53 degrees west of the prime meridian.


*statute miles are "as the crow flies"
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