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Mounting an event can be a challenge, and the people who are often called upon to stage events have very little expertise in putting on shows of any kind. We at Griot Music specialize in putting on events and are devoted full-time to the performing Arts.

Through our specialists and partners in the areas of Marketing, Production and Event Management we can help ensure that your projects are realistic and meet their objectives.

We will sit with your planning committees and assist with your budgets and overall preparation and design the most effective plan for your needs. Once the plan is approved we can manage your event for you so you can attend to your most important priority, achieving your goal!

So give us a call at 817-7922 or email us at and we will see how we can best serve your project's needs.

Key Benefits

bulletCustomized consultation.
bulletExpertise from practitioners in the field.
bulletNo more keeping track of several contractors.


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