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My Customs

I have decided to unveil a few of my customs. Hang on as you go for a stroll down the history of my customizing:

Forever Trying

Oh my. This was my very first custom. A very sad little mare. She was orinialy going to be a dappled gray arabian. She just kept getting darker. Her tail on occasion falls out still. She was originally a galloping pink unicorn.

Forever Learning

My second custom, and already a great improvement. Her tail doesn't fall out. She was a blue, standing unicorn when I started. She actually has a ribbon from a live show, proving that anything can be LSQ. She got fourth (out of five) in an open apploosa class. I was so proud, it was my first live show, and I was the only novice doing my own customs. I really want to know who I beat .

Roscoe Raider

My first attempt with a dremel. He was just going awful, so he became a mythical creature called a Nightmare (from Dungeons and Dragons). Nice deep scars let me get used to the dremel. The red around his feet are the flames that are supposed to be there. I should try him in an anything goes class.

Leo's Triple Kidd II

My first drastic remake, and still my favorite. A portrait of a friends paint (yep, he's a registered paint with that coloring). The paint job is pretty awful, but I love the look of him. He's getting repainted now, and his tail is being repaired (Mom put a 20 pound bag of dog food on him by accident).

Lost Without a Trace

Such a pity, this guy fell off of the scanner and knocked the top of his ear off. Looks like he has frostbite. He was my first SM attempt.

Sudden Stop

My first attempt at a Micro, and the start of an obssession with the darned things. Unfortuantley, this little one had a run in with a dog, and no longer exsists.

Two to Tango

A repaint of the Breyer Saddlebred Weanling. I used a picture to make sure that the pattern was realistic.


A simple remake of a Sham. A little glossier then I intended, but still a pretty boy.

Freedom for All

Using the same base color as Firewalker came this little guy, a rearing variation on the SM new drafter. I just love him, he came out so smoothly. He looks good with no white. Not very competitive like that, I'm sure, but I think I'll try him anyways.


My second drastic remake, Justice is a gift for my Mom to repaint (hence why he is so pale). She'll be doing him in oils, and I'll be sure to get a picture up when he is done.

Firewalker and Justice

Heres another picture of Firewalker and Justice.

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