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Breeds and Their Legal/Common Colors

This is a list of breeds and their legal or common colors.
*indicates that a list of legal colors was found.
For all others, the common colors are listed, as a list of legal colors could not be found.
N A indicates that no color description of the breed could be found.

Abtenauer - commonly black, blue roan, and chestnut, all colors accepted, except leopard spotting, which is frowned upon.
Adaev - bay, gray, palomino, or chestnut
Akhal Teke - bay (sometimes a very light bay that appears dun),palomino,chestnut, cream, and gray, pale golden coat perfered, short mane or none at all, and short tail.
Albanian - similar to Hucul
Altai - chestnut, bay, black and gray, sometimes chubary spotted.
Alter Real - bay, brown, gray, or chestnut, pinto written about, but supposedly no longer seen.
*American Cream Draft - rich cream color, white mane and tail, pink skin, amber colored eyes.
American Indian Pony - virtualy every color is seen
American Walking Pony - colors for Tenesse Walking horse and Welsh Pony
Anadolu - N A
Andalusian - mostly gray (all variations), bay, black, chestnut, grulla, palomino, and Isabella, lineback dun and leopard Appaloosa extremely rare. Spanish registry only accepts grays, blacks, and bays. The Portugese Stud Book allows horses of any color. White markings are not desireable.
Andean - generally dark, predominantly chestnut and brown
Anglo-Arab - most solid colors
*Appaloosa - six patterns (white blanket, spotted blanket, leopard, snowflake, frost/frosted tips, and marble, see marking page for description of markings)with any color, molted skin around eyes, lips, and genitalia, striped hooves, and white sclerea around the eyes.
AraAppaloosa - all appaloosa patterns, with occasional solids
Arabian - gray, chestnut, bay, roan, solid black
Araba - N A
*Ardennes - bay, roan, chestnut, gray, palamino, black is excluded from registration
*Argentine Polo Pony(type) - all colors
*Ariegeois - solid black coat, white markings rare
Asian Wild Horse - see Prezwalski's Wild Horse
Assateague Pony - see Chincoteague Pony
*Asturcon - brown and black predominate, other solid colors occur, no white (small star permitted)
*Australian Pony - all colors
*Australian Stock Horse - all colors
Auxois - mainly bay and roan, with red roan and chestnut occuring occasionally
*Aveligrese - chestnut with flaxen mane and tail
Azerbaijan - mostly bay and gray, with sorrel, black, grullo, and buckskin, with rare palominos
Azores - mostly brown and bay
*Azteca - all colors except paint, appaloosa, and albino

Baise - mainly bay, with some gray, chestnut, and black individuals.
Baleraric - usually bay or chestnut in color, sometimes gray
Bali - predominantly shades of dun, but other colors do occur
Balikun - most commonly bay and chestnut
Baluchi - bay, chestnut, or gray
*Ban-ei Race Horse (type) - all colors accepted
Banker Horse - buckskin, bay, chestnut, and brown, some pintos
Basuto - chestnut, brown, bay, gray
*Barb - all solid colors
*Bardigiano - found in bay, brown black, not admitted: chestnut, light bay, bay w/blaze or w/too much lateral extension, white is limited to the legs and a small star on the forehead
*Bashkir - any color, most commonly bay, chestnut, roan, mouse gray
*Bashkir Curly - all colors
Basque Pony - see Pottok
*Batak - any common horse color
*Bavarian Warmblood - all colors except piebald and spotted
Belgian Heavy Draft - red roan w/ black points, sometimes bay, brown, dull gray
*Belgian Halfblood - all solid colors
*Belgian Warmblood - all solid colors
Bhutia - grey or iron grey, with an occasional chestnut or roan
Black Sea Horse - black and dark brown, some sorrel with a golden sheen
Bosnian - bay, brown, black, gray, chestnut, palomino
Boulonnais - grey, with an occasional chestnut
Brabant - see Belgian Heavy Draft
Brandenburg - all solid colors
Brazilian Sport Horse - no color preference
*Breton Draft - all colors
British Riding Pony (type) - similar to Riding pony
*British Spotted Pony - leopard spotting, with stripped hooves, mottled skin, and white sclera common
*Brumby - all colors
Budyonny - chestnut, bay, gray, rarely brown or black
*Burma - all colors
Buohai - predominantly bay and chestnut, with small white star common
Buryat - grey, bay, or sorrel, usually with zebra stripes on legs
Byelorussian Harness Horse - dun, bay, chestnut, light bay

Calabrian/Calabrese - usually bay, sometimes brown or gray
*Camargue - born dark, turn almost white
*Campolina - any color
*Canadian Cutting Horse (type) - any color
Canadian Horse - mostly black, some dark brown, bay, chestnut
Canadian Rustic Pony - gey, buckskin, or bay, frequently with dorsal stripe
*Canik - every common horse color
*Cape Horse - all solid colors
Carpathian Pony - see Hucul
Carthusian - strain of Andalusian, predominantly grey, occasional chestnut or black
Caspian - bay, gray, chestnut, black
Cayuse Indian Pony - generaly roan in color
*Cerbat - always bay roan, chestnut roan, bay, or chestnut
Chakouyi - commonly bay, with few greys or blacks, elongated star is common
Chara Horse - not set, developing breed
Cheju - chestnut, bay, and black, with occasional grey, black, white, cremello, or pinto
Chickasaw - black, bay, brown, chestnut, grey, roan, sorrel, or palomino
*Chilean Corralero - all colors except albino
Chilote - white, grey, bay, black, and "muddy"
*Chincoteauge Pony - all colors
Chinese Mongolian - bay, grey, and black are common, white is extremely rare
Chumbivilcas - bay or grey in different shades
Chumysh - bay, black, and grey predominant
Cirit - bay or grey are favored
*Cleveland Bay - bay, black points and black mane and tail, small white star permissible
Clydesdale - most common bay and brown, some gray and black, markings on legs, face, sometimes on the body are frequent.
*Columbian Criollo/Columbian Walking Horse/Columbian Paso Fino - any defined color with pigmented skin, most common colors are dark bay, yellowish red buckskin, less common are chestnut, dun, "deer - colored", strawberry roan, and swan, white markings must not touch the knee or hock, white that does not detract from the beauty of the face is perfered
*Colorado Ranger Horse - no color preference
Comtois - generally chestnut or bay
*Connemara - all solid colors, piebalds and skewbalds not accepted
*Corsican - bay with few white markings
*Criollo - any color except Appalossa patterns and tobiano, brown dun highly prized
*Costa Rican Saddle Horse - all colors except pinto, wihte markings on legs and a blaze are preferred
Costeno - dun, grey, sorrel, black, bay, or other common colors
Cuban Paso - N A
*Cuban Pinto - both tobiano and overo patterns
Cuban Trotter - mostly dark and solid, bay or black of various shades
Czech Coldblood - usually chestnut, less often bay
Czechoslovakian Small Riding Horse - developing breed
Czech Warmblood - mostly bay and chestnut, less often grey and black

Dales - black most common, bay, brown, gray
Danish Sport Pony - dapled grey, chestnut, bay, and black most common, all colors allowed
*Danish Warmblood - no color preference
Danubian - black and bay common, chestnut is rare
Dartmoor - bay, brown, black
Datong - bay, black, chestnut, and sometimes grey, appaloosa coloring is rarely found, some white markings
Deliboz - strain of Karabakh, see Karabakh
Dole - bay or brown predominate, black and chestnuts common, few grays, palaminos, and duns, white markings permissible
Dole Gudbrandsdal - see Dole
Dole Trotter - see Dole
*Don - all solid colors
Dongola - deep reddish bay, sometimes chestnut or black, white markings are common
*Draft Breton - commonly chestnut, bay, gray, red roan, black is not found, all colors allowed
Dulmen Pony - grullo and dun
Dutch Draft - usually chestnut, bay, or grey, sometimes black
Dutch Tuigpaard - N A
*Dutch Warmblood - all colors allowed

East Bulgarion - chestnut, bay, or black
*East Friesian - any solid color
*Elegent Warmblood - no color preference
Eleia - brown, bay, chestnut, red roan, and rarely grey
*Eriskay Pony - varieties of grey, never chestnut, piebald, skewbald, or with white markings
Erlunchun - grey or bay
Estonian Draft - N A
Estonian native - chestnut, bay, light bay, dun, and gray, minimal white
*Exmoor - bay, brown, or mouse dun with mealy muzzle, must not include white

Faeroe Island Horse - bay, some black, seldom brown, never grey or skewbald, occasional palomino or pale dun
*Falabella (Miniature Horse) - any color
*Fell - usualy black, also brown, bay, gray, white markings on legs permitted
Finnish - Chestnut with white markings, sometimes bay, gray, rarely brown or black
*Fjord - Brown duns predominant, gray dun, red dun, white dun, yellow dun, and cream dun also seen, very rare (possibly extinct) skjevet or fjord pinto marking (see markings for description), hooves always black, white is undesireable.
*Flores - red (either bay or chestnut)
*Flordia Cracker - any color
Franches Montagnes - most solid colors
*Fredricksborg - chestnut only, all shades
Freiberg - N A
French Cob - often bay or chestnut, sometimes roan or grey
*French Riding Pony - all colors premitted
French Trotter - chestnut, bay, brown most common
*Friesian - all black, only small white star on forehead is permissible
Furioso/Furioso-North Star - bay, brown, black, most colors acceptable, white markings are not common

*Galiceno - all solid colors, no albinos or pintos
Galloway Pony - extinct
Garrano - bay, brown, or dark chestnut
Gelderland - chestnut and gray with frequent white markings
*German Riding Pony - no distinct type
*Gidran - usually chestnut, but all colors common to Arabs appear in the breed
*Golden American Saddlebred - from cream to copper coat color, dark eyes, white mane and tail, white markings allowed, no spots allowed
*Gotland - almost any solid color, commonly bays and dark duns, lighter coloring around muzzle and eyes, dorsal, whither, and zebra stripes.
Gronigen - black, bay, or brown
Guangxi - N A
Guanzhong - chestnut with some bays
Guizhou - bay, chestnut, grey, black, and dun
Guoxia - bay, roan, and grey

Hackney Horse - bay, chestnut, black, sometimes with sabino markings, roan very rare
Hackney Pony - see Hackney Horse
*Haflinger - any shade of chestnut, mane and tail from white to flaxen, white markings on legs not desireable.
*Hanoverian - any solid color, commonly bay, brown, black or gray
Heihe - mostly bay or chestnut, few grey or black, other colors quite rare
Heilongkiang - chestnut or bay
Hequ - black, brown, or gray
Hessen - most commonly bay, dark bay, and chestnut
*Highland - stallions cannot be registered with more white than a white star, any solid color
*Hinis - all common horse colors
Hirzai - white or grey
Hokkaido - most solid colors, many roans, white markings are rare and not registerable
*Holstein - bay, no or few white markings
Hucul - dun, black, gray, occasional chestnut, most solid colors and tobiano occur
Hungarian Coldblood - bay, black, chestnut, often with flaxen mane and tail, grey is often seen, rarely hoary, dun and roan
Hungarian Dun - dun
*Hungarian Sport Horse - no color preference

*Icelandic Horse - gray, mouse dun, yellow dun preominate, chestuntu with flaxen mane and tail, bay, dark brown, and black common, silver dpple and roan of all variations, palamino, albino, piebald and skewbald are accepted, splash white pintos and champagnes are thought to exsist, spotted coats (Appaloosa patterns) not accepted.
*Icelandic Pony - all colors except Appaloosa
*International Striped Horse (registry) - all stripping patterns
Iomud - gray or chestnut, rarely golden chestnut or black
Irish Cob (type) - varies
*Irish Draft - any strong, whole color, white above knees or hocks not desireable
*Irish Half-Bred - any solid color
Israeli - bay, grey, chestnut
*Italian Heavy Draft - liver chestnut with flaxen mane and tail

Jabe - developing breed
Java - most colors
Jianchang - mostly bay, some are black, with other colors appearing rarely
Jielin - mostly bay, few chestnuts, rarely black
Jinhong - usually chestnunt
Jinzhou - mainly bay
Jutland - chestnut with flaxen mane and tail, black or brown uncommon, occasionaly roan

Kabarda - cherry bay, brown bay, black rarely
Kabardin - bay, dark bay, black, gray, without other distinguishing marks
Kalmyk - mostly bay and sorrel
Karabair - bay, chestnut, gray, or black
Karabakh - chestnut or bay with a golden tint
Karacabey - extinct
Karachai - dark brown and black
Karakacan - almost all are bay in color
*Kathiawari - ears curve and almost touch at the tips, any color except appaloosa and overo
Kazakh - bay, dark bay or red, occasionaly gray
Ke-Er-Qin - ba or chestnut
*Kieger Mustang - dun coloration, dorsal and zebra stripes
Kirgiz - bay and grey, but sorrel and other colors occur
Kiso - N A
*Kladruber - white or black
*Knabstrup - spotted, appaloosa patterns on a roan base
Konik - yellow, blue, or gray dun, usualy with a dorsal stripe
Kushum - bay and chestnut
Kustanai - bay, chestnut, red-gray, brown
*Kuznet - no distinct type

Landais - bay, brown, black, chestnut, rare gray
Latvian - bay, brown, black, chestnut
*Lewitzer - all colors allowed, pintos most common
Lichuan - grey, bay, chestnut and black
Lijiang - N A
*Lipizzaner - gray, occasional black or bay, extremely rare chestnut
Lithuanian Heavy Draft - chestnut or bay
Llanero - usually dun, with other colors present
Lokai - bay, gray, and chestnut
Lombok/Macassar - predominantly red (bay or chestnut)
Lundy Pony - perferably dun with dark points, roan, bay, palomino, and dark liver chestnut, permissable, blue-eyed creams registerable only as geldings and mares, piebald, skewbald, grey, and bright chestnut not accepted
*Lusitano - any true color

Malakan - grey, black, and dun
Malpolski - commonly bay and chestnut
Manades - semi-wild Camargue, see Camargue
Mangalarga - bay, chestnut, roan, gray
Manipuri - most colors
*Maremmana - all solid colors, gray and roan rare
Marwari - ears curved in, bay, brown, chestnut, palomino, piebald, and skewbald
Megezh - grullo, roan, grey, dun, sorrel, and bay
Megrel - bay and nearly black
*Merens - black with rare white markings
Messara - bay, brown, black, and grey
Mezen - bay, black, sorrel, brown, or grey
Miniature Horse - see Falabella
Minusin - bay, grey, dun, grulla, palomino, and bucksking
Misaki - bay or black with a few chestnuts, rare white markings
*Missouri Fox Trotter - Bay, Black Bay, Black Roan, Bay Roan, Black, Blue Roan, Black Roan, Brown, Buckskin, Chestnut, Chestnut Roan, Dun, Gray, Palomino, Red Roan, Sorrel, White, Cremello, Perlino, Champagne, you may add "light" or "dark" to any of these colors, also, you can have Spotted, which is any of the above colors & White/Spotted, also, you can have any of the above colors & White/Tobiano, also, you can have any of the above colors & White/Overo.
Miyako - mostly bay or dun and resemble the Mongolian horse
*Mongolian Wild Horse - dun, usualy with mealy muzzle, dorsal and zebra stripes, upright mane
*Morab - any color and white markings of a Morgan or Arabian
*Morgan - chestnut, bay, brown, black, palamino, buckskin, gray, creme, dun
Moyle Horse - strange, bony horns on forehead, N A
*Murakosi/Murakoz - chestnut with flaxen mane and tail
Murghese - mostly chestnut, black, brown occurs, gray with black head
*Mustang- all colors
*Mytilene - no set type

Namib Desert Horse - bay, some brown or chestnut, no greys, freqent dorsal stripe, but no zebra stripes
Narym - N A
*National Show Horse (registry only) - all colors found in Arabian and Saddlebred
*New Forest Pony - any color except piebald, skewbald, white markings permitted
Newfoundland Pony - black, bay, and brown, with many roans, pieblad and skewbald not accepted, white markings undesireable
New Kirgiz - bay, brown, chestnut, gray, black
*Nigerian - any common color
Noma - N A
Nonius - black and bay
Nooitgedacht - N A
Noric/Noriker - bay, chestnut, rare leopards
Northeastern - duns, chestnut, grey, sorrel, black, red roan, bay, brown, white, and grullo, with minimal white markings
*Northlands Pony - all colors except dun and pinto
*North Swedish Horse - bay (usualy with mealy markings), brown, black with white socks, chestnut, palamino, dun with black points

Old English Black - extinct
*Oldenburg - any solid color, usualy black, brown, or gray
Orlov Trotter - gray, bay, black, chestnut

*Paint - a combination of any base color with tobiano, overo, or tovero markings. See markings page for descriptions of markings.
*Palomino (color registry) - coat color from cream to copper, idealy the color of a U.S. 14 karat gold coin, with dark eyes and white mane and tail.
*Panje - all common horse colors
Pantaneiro - gray, bay, black and white, brown
*Paso Fino - every equine color, with or without white markings
Patibarcina - reddish brown or bay, with a dorsal stripe and zebra striping
Pechora - black, dark brown, bay, buckskin, and sorrel, grey is rare
Peneia - roan, chestnut, and black, rarely bay or brown.
*Percheron - gray, occasional black or bay without white markings
*Periangan - all colors found
*Persian Arab - gray or bay
Peruvian Paso - bay, chestnut, brown, black, gray
Petiso Argentino - N A
Pindos - dark, hard colors, mostly bay and brown, occasionaly gray, never pinto
*Pintabian - tobiano markings, idealy 50/50 covered
*Pinto (color registry) - either skewbald or piebald, see markings page for descriptions
*Piquira Pony - any color except albino
Pleven - mostly chestnut
*POA (Pony of the Americas) - same as Appaloosa
Poitou Mule Producer - grey, black, bay or palomino
Polesian - bay, sorrel, black, grullo, buckskin, dark brown, and grey
Polish Draft - chestnut, roan, and bay
Pony Francais de Selle - see French Riding Pony
Pony Mousseye - white, chestnut, and grey, white markings are not common
*Pottok - any color, pinto common, gray rare
*Przewalski's Horse - sandy tan dun, reddish bay, dorsal, whither and zebra stripes, light muzzle and belly, upright mane.
Priob - mostly dun, with frequent dorsal, transverse, and zebra stripes

*Quarab - paints, any solid color
*Quarter Horse - all solid colors
*Quarter Pony - any color

*Racking Horse - any color
*Rahvan - every common horse color
*Rhinelander - color unregulated, black and chestnut predominate
*Rineland Heavy Draft - chestnut, red roan with either black or flaxen mane and tail, bay
*Rocky Mountain Horse - all solid colors, no excessive white (no bald face or above knee stockings), noted for chocolate coloring with flaxen or white mane and tail.
Romanian Saddle Horse - bay, chestnut, and black, rare roans
*Rottal - all colors except pinto and appaloosa
Russian Heavy Draft - chestnut, rare brown or bay
Russian Saddle Horse - black or seal brown only, with no markings
Russian Trotter - bay, black, chestnut, gray uncommon

*Sable Island Pony - all colors, predominantly dark, solid colors
*Saddlebred - black, brown, bay, gray, chestnut predominate, all colors are allowed
*Salerno - any solid color
Sandalwood/Sandel - most common coat colors
Sandan - bay or chestnut
Sanfratello - bay or dark brown
Sanhe - chestnut, bay, other colors quite rare
*Sardiniain - all solid colors
Sarvar - mostly bays, with the occasional grey
Schleswig Heavy Draft - chestnut, bay, gray, with frequent white markings
Schwarzwalder Fuchse - typicaly sorrel with a white or flaxen mane and tail and a broad blaze
*Selle Francais - all colors, chestnut most common
Senne - grey with some bays
*Shagya Arab - any solid color
Shan - see Burmese
*Shetland - all colors except Appaloosa and albino
*Shire - black, brown, bay, gray, or chestnut/sorrel (rare), excessive white or roaning undesireable
Silesian - bay, dark bay, or black
*Single-Footing Horse - all colors
Sini - bay, chestnut, and black, with other colors as rare, some white markings
Skogruss/Russ - see Gotland
Skyros - dun, brown, gray
*Slovak Warmblood - no fixed type
Sokolka - chestnut, bay, and brown
Somali Pony - chestnut or gray
*Sorraria - always dun or grullo, dorsal and zebra stripes, no white markings, foals have zebra pattern all over
South African Miniature - all colors
*South German Coldblood - in Austria, all colors, in Bavaria, chestnut with a flaxen mane and tail or bay
Soviet Heavy Draft - chestnut, brown, or bay
*Spanish Barb - all solid colors
*Spanish Mustang - all colors
Spanish-Norman - gray, bay, black
Spiti - dark grey to dun
*Standardbred - all solid colors
Sudan Country-Bred - bay, brown, chestnut, roan, gray, black
*Suffolk Punch - Chestnut only (from light golden to dark liver), small white markings
Sulawesi - N A
Sumba Pony - commonly dun, but other colors do occur
Sumbawa - bay or dun with dorsal stripe and black points
Swedish Ardennes - black, brown, bay, chestnut
*Swedish Warm-Blood - any solid color

Taishuh - N A
*Tarpan - dun coat, resembles a deer, turns white in winter
Tavda - mostly dun, with grullo, buckskin, bay, brown, and sorrel occuring, most have a dorsal stripe and zebra stripes
Tawleed - N A
*Tenessee Walker - all solid colors
Tersky - gray, bay, golden chestnut
Thai Pony - bay or brown
Thessalian - bay, brown, chestnut, and grey
*Throughbred - bay, dark bay/brown, black, gray/roan, chestnut, rarely white, palamino and cremello very rare
Tibetan - bay and grey
Tieling - bay and black, with an occasional chestnut
Timor - usually bay, brown, or black, but can be any common horse color
Tokara- N A
Tori/Toric - chestnut, usualy flaxen, bay, brown, gray, occasional dun, minimal white markings
*Trakehner - any solid color, usualy dark
*Trakya - all common colors
Trote en Gallope - N A
Turkoman - bay, grey, brown, black or chestnut
Tushin - various shades of bay, with some sorrel or black, rare paints and appaloosas occur, with the majority having no white at all
Tuva - N A

Ukranian Saddle Horse - bay, chestnut, brown
Unmol(possibly extinct) - grey and bay
Uzunyayla - usually bay

Vlaamperd - N A
*Vladimir Heavy Draft - bay, brown and black less frequent, charcteristic markings on head (a star or blaze) and legs
Voronezh Coach Horse - grey, roan, paint, and rarely black
*Vyatka - chestnut roan or bay roan, with dorsal and zebra stripes, with a wing shapped pattern over the shoulders, sometimes brown, bay, chestnut, rarely black

*Waler - all colors
*Welara Pony - all solid colors
*Welsh Pony - any color, never piebald, skewbald, appaloosa
*West African Barb - gray
Western Sudan Pony - light bay, chestnut, or gray with white markings
Westphalian Warmblood - N A
Wielkopolski - bay, brown, black, gray, chestnut
Wurttenmburg - black, brown, chestnut, bay

Xilingol - N A

*Yakut - bay, grey borwn, or grey, with a tendency towards turning pure white
Yanqi - bay, chestnut, and black
Yemeni Horses - grey, brown, dark bay
Yili - mostly bay, some chestnut, black, and grey, often with a metallic sheen
Yiwu - bay and black
*Yonaguni - chestnut
Yunnan - bay, chestnut, and black

*Zaniskari - grey
Zhemaichu - grullo, black, dark brown, and bay, almost always with a dorsal stripe
Zemaituka - bay, brown, black, mouse dun, dun and palamino, palominos and duns frequently have dorsal stripe (palamino becomes dunalino)

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