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The Secret Rule of "Threes"

The Roman Piso Forum


(The Roman Piso Forum, 02/14/2000)

We have told you many things that the average person does or did not know, but that the masters of manipulation did know, do and use. However, there are still many other things. One of those is something that is called "the (secret) rule of three."

Some persons who did or do know about this tend to think that this refers to a 'style' preference in literature and do not know what it means fully. Nor do they know or realize that it is also something that is used in the area of "hypnotism".

If you have read through the New Testament, you may recall encountering the same things being talked about or the same themes being used several times. In fact, you can compare the Gospels and find many similarities. This was not done by chance and without purposeful reason. The authors were well aware of the secret rule of three.

Many have thought that "3" stands for the "trinity" - when in reality, it is the other way around. The trinity stands for or represents the number "3". And the reason is that because these authors are saying that they knew about and were using the secret rule of "3".

The secret rule of 3 is something that is used by master manipulators, and by authors, as well as professional hypnotists. It makes use of "suggestion" by embedding thoughts into the mind of persons who it is used upon. What it is simply is just writing or saying something to individuals at least 3 times. It sounds very simple and even harmless. But what happens is that it does have an effect upon the mind because of the way that the mind works.

Since the invention of religion as a means of control over the masses, suggestion (i.e. autoselfhypnosis) has played a part in all of this. They knew about this and made use of it even in ancient times. It is obvious to us now, knowing what we now know, that ancient Egyptian rulers knew this and used this same thing then as well. And so, it makes the most sense to us that this was NOT something that was known to anyone other than royals of very high rank such as the rulers themselves and their immediate family, which, would include the High Priests who served in much the same capacity as those that we know of in later ages as "ministers of propaganda."

So, they knew that if one says or states in some way to persons the same general idea at least 3 times that the mind could not help but retain that thought and that it would in fact become a part of their subliminal thought. Persons would have those thought concepts or ideas in their head (mind) and they would manifest those thoughts by incorporating them into things that they already know of and that they would in fact not be able to help but DREAM thoughts around those ideas. This process is what enabled the manipulators to actual 'create' a synthesized reality for the persons whom they were manipulating.

It was/is, in fact, a method of hypnotizing persons - simply put. They knew just how sensitive and receptive the human mind is to 'suggestion' and they knew how to use that to the fullest. Again, this is why we see recurring themes in the Gospels. It is why we were made to believe that there were three or more different persons saying to us basically the same things. This was a form of manipulation of the reader, and it also explains just why so many cannot help but 'believe' in this religion. They are, again, as we have already stated... "hypnotized."

We wanted to let you, our readers, know about this now. But we will most certainly try to tell you more and more about these things so that you can let others know as well and will be able to explain this fully. Please remember that so much of what we tell you about on our Forum and in our works are things that others DO NOT want you to know about! Once these things are KNOWN to the general population, they cannot be used to manipulate them. And this is our goal.

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