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(The Phenomenon of "Auto-Self-hypnosis" Explained)

This is the very first article ever on this subject. We hope that knowing these things
will eventually help to change society for the better.

In this article, we will give examples and explain the mechanisms that make auto-
self-hypnosis work. Once this is studied by more persons and becomes known to
more and more people, it will have an effect upon society in many areas. It will
change our concept of "Psychology", of our views on the "Justice System" and
the "Death Penalty" as well as our understanding of many other things that have
a great impact upon our everyday lives. It will shed new light upon things that we
have not understood about religion and Christianity before this was known.

We will have to explain such things as "egocentricity", "hyper-sensitivity to
suggestion" and how the Christian religion takes advantage of the workings of
the mind to recreate the mental state of individuals.

That some form of hypnotism plays a major part in religion should be fairly
obvious by now as the examples of (1) Jim Jones, (2) Followers and Contributors
to Televangelists, (3) the Branch Davidians at Waco, Texas, (4) the Heaven's Gate
suicide cult and many others should illustrate. Many of us have had examples in our
own personal lives where family members or relatives have started to "see" things
such as angels or devils, or those who have claimed to have "talked" to god, or that
have had mental breakdowns, or any other of a number of other things. These things
do not happen to persons who live in a natural state of being and who have a grasp
upon reality. We see those who "talk in tongues" even when that is not even what
was spoken of in the New Testament! That is a manifestation of what those persons
have personally come to believe is in the New Testament.

And then we have those persons who claim to have experienced 'miracles'. Well,
if you have ever seen persons who are hypnotized in person, you will know that
they can be made to think that anything is 'real'. Now, add the fact that persons
are actually able to hypnotize themselves without even being aware of that fact
while they are sleeping at night and bingo, you suddenly have the answer to all of

The truth is that there are many, many persons walking around every day in a
state of self-induced hypnotism and those persons are hyper-sensitive to suggestion.
Whenever a certain word or phrase is mentioned, it triggers a reaction within these
persons. And that also explains why there are so many person out there that just
appear to have 'snapped' for no apparent reason at all. This is one of the most
important things to ever be discovered regarding humanity and explains so much
that previously has gone unexplained.

Humans are basically 'good' and it is in the nature of all animals to work towards
the progress and betterment of their own species; but that natural quality in humans
due to religion has been diverted and contaminated. And that, is the root of
things such as crime and other deeds against fellow human beings. There is no
'evil' except that which humans have created for themselves. With such concepts
within our minds, we take them with us to bed and dream upon them until they
become 'real' to us.

The shame of this is that we are totally unaware of all of this and that we ignorantly
subject our own children and their progeny to this, producing a never-ending cycle
which is ever increasing in severity. Children are being born into a society that has
been prefabricated to produce more and more persons who exist in a state of
hypnotic trance for most of their lives. What a waste and a long-term danger to
humanity itself. That is why we say that those who created Christianity committed
the greatest of all crimes against humanity.

An observed phenomena of hypnotism is that once it has been done, whether it is
done to a person by another or self-induced, it becomes easier to do the next time
and still easier the time or times after that. This is what is known by professional
hypnotists who hypnotize others. So, imagine that from the earliest times in our
lives we have started to hypnotize ourselves automatically while we sleep. That's
right, even as children. So, by the time we reach adulthood, we are so hyper-
sensitive to suggestion that we are keen to believe anything that matches even
slightly the rest of what we have come to form as our personal concept of reality.
This in itself divides us all from each other because we have our own personal
versions of what 'reality' is to us. As a result, we are left with very little that we
can all agree upon as that which we can view as being truly 'real'. Just knowing
these things should illustrate what true damage religion has done to humanity.

Now, let's take a look at what hypnotists have presumed the reason for the
phenomena is we have just talked about is. The presumption has been that the
'subjects' start to loosen up or become more comfortable with the hypnotist
and/or the idea of being hypnotized. Which, they believe makes it easier to
hypnotize them again later. But just what really makes this so has not yet been
fully explained by them. We should realize that; (1) Professional hypnotists
themselves only know so much about it. Usually they are only familiar with
it on a level that they are used to when dealing with it in their profession. Which
means that they have not explored it on other levels and are not fully aware of
what it really is. (2) Professional hypnotists are used to hypnotizing other people
and the reality of "self-hypnosis" is little discussed or even acknowledged by them.
And (3) "auto-self-hypnosis" is the new discovery in this area, especially as it
relates to the things that we are speaking of in this article.

It is highly likely that someday it will be found that all mental illnesses that are
not the result of physical damage to the brain or its components, or those that are
rooted in physical origins such as inherited genes will be found to be the result of
hypnotism. Even those that are the result of chemical imbalance may be found
to have been caused by hypnotism and the cure for these likewise might be found
there as well. This is good news, a great 'positive'. Just one of which the world will
inherit once it understands the true nature of belief and the effects that
Christianity has had in keeping humanity from knowing the most essential
information about itself.

But to understand and appreciate the 'pros' that will result with the end of
Christianity, we must also know and understand the 'cons' or negatives that
humanity has suffered as a result of Christianity and religion in general. For
in finding and recognizing the 'negatives' we may then understand what we
may now do once we are free of the chains of Christianity that have bound
us and kept us from knowing ourselves for what we really are and what we
are about in the world around us.




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