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(or "The Facade of Disconnected Races & Gods")

[ For those of you who have already read "The Great Secret of Royals" ]

By now, you should be familiar with how gods and religions were made by ancient royals. What people then tend to wonder about is how there came to be so many different cultures, or races all over the world who have gods and religions. It would seem that no single royal family could have caused all of this to happen. So, this needs to be explained as well.

These ancient royals did not just scam us by making gods and religions, they also were in control of all that we know about ancient history and lied to us in that as well. They gave the impression to readers that certain forms of knowledge just did not exist. However, we now know from archaeological evidence that many more things were known and used in those times than they had led us to believe in the histories that they were writing.

What I have been asking people to do is to imagine what the world would have been like if the Nazis had won in WWII. That the masses would be thoroughly manipulated by the leaders at the top and only told what information and propaganda that they would deem necessary for their own purposes or to further their agendas. This, is very much what it was like in ancient times when royalty ruled over everything.

We are given the impression that kings warred with other kings and that there was general chaos and that everyone, including most kings and other rulers were barbaric and ignorant just as the masses were. That is not correct. We have discovered that there had to be a good measure of cooperation between royals (meaning kings particularly), and that they were in many instances inter-related genealogically. They had reasons for keeping the masses in the dark as to what they were in fact doing.

They, the ancient royals created different "races" by sending out the extreme examples of their family (like with like) to establish themselves in separate areas to rule and create new kingdoms. Now, knowing that ‘gods’ and religion was created by the very first royals, it will be easily known that this was something that was a MUST for any other royal who wished to establish themselves anywhere else at any time. See the article "The Great Secret of Royals" at Educational Articles [see link below if you have not yet read that article].

When children with slanted eyes were born, they were immediately betrothed to another family member with "like" features and sent off to rule elsewhere - thus establishing a new "race". The same went with those who had darker or lighter skin and/or hair, or other unique features. After some several thousands of years, the result of that is what is seen in the world today. This gives us the illusion that a god or gods MUST have created different ‘races’ and placed them in different parts of the world.

In reality, this was all done artificially by ancient royals. And again, the basic reason was because they HAD to do this anyway as a way of "thinning out" their own swelling family and relatives from using too much of a limited amount of land resources and to avoid conflicts from within that family over those limited resources.

That they had to do this anyway (that is, send out "branches" of their own family), they did this in a way or ways that were going to further perplex the masses as far into the future as possible. And so, they decided to artificially create "races" at the same time. The ancient kings and rulers were ingenious and had one single focus in what they did and that was to advance and further secure the rule of kings over the masses. And a major part of this was to "dumb-down" the masses and keep them as superstitious and ignorant as possible. In doing so, they could get the masses to ‘conform’ to whatever they wished. They could more easily manipulate them and use them as more or less ‘slave labor’ to build monuments to themselves and municipal buildings, palaces, etc.

They lied in the histories that they were writing and did so very easily by omitting things and by putting in things that we would now identify as "disclaimers". This way, they could always say that they were telling the "truth". The main branch of the royal family that was in control was the one that was creating what would become the Christian bible. They held annual meetings with other royals to decide what things would be done at that time for whatever reasons were current. And that must have included what family members would be sent off to where ever to establish a new ‘kingdom’. These family members who were to be granted their own places to establish themselves must not have had a say in where they wanted to go, but must have had to just take whatever the ‘council’ decided. And we can reach this conclusion because of just how far and wide these were spread and where some of them HAD to reside, such as those who were sent to the coldest or hottest regions of the world.

In some instances, even the creation of new languages were a part of this process. The sending off of some of these persons to the farthest regions of the earth was like ‘banishment’ because the extreme distance that they would have to go would mean that they would most likely never return. And so, they needed to be set apart in as many ways as possible. Again, this served the purpose that was the aim and goal of these ancient rulers - to perplex the masses far into the future and to give the impression that a god or gods has created all of these "different" cultures all over the world and that no human could have done that. No mere human could have, but a council of extremely ingenious royals could have - and did.

By the way, these particular royals who were the leaders of the council were known as the ancient patriarchs. They were descendants of the ancient Phoenicians, and as most persons who are researchers of ancient times or who are scholars of ancient history know, the ancient Phoenicians were the masters of the seas in ancient times. They traveled many thousands of miles out into the open sea. They had the ability to do this, and that knowledge was never lost, it was passed down through the generations to the ancient patriarchs and to their descendants.

So, it should be no mystery to us that there were tribes of small dark- skinned persons living in the Australian outback for many hundreds or even thousands of years. Or that such cultures as those that amaze us could have existed in the Americas for hundreds and hundreds of years, and that they had ‘gods’ and kings, and built pyramids. It just helps to demonstrate what had really happened. And that is that no god created all of these "different" cultures or peoples, but that it really happened because of an artificial means. It should, however, be noted that some of the natural distinctions between some of the various races appear to have been there before their royal counterparts were created. Meaning that those who darker skin pigmentation may have already have had developed that naturally via evolution. A king of this family could have had children by a dark skinned Nubian woman in Egypt and that could have sparked a new royal "culture" and/or been a source for others.

One example of the fact that the ability of ancients to travel long distances over the seas is seen in the discovery of what we refer to as the "antikytheren" device. In 1900, Greek sponge divers found an ancient shipwreck off of the island of Anikythera. The mechanical device was named after the island where it was found.

The machine was even inscribed with the year of its construction, which works out to be 82 BCE. It is on display in the National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece. Anyway, this device was a nautical navigational device which would allow ancient mariners to travel great distances over the seas with a large measure of accuracy!

Ancient ships have been found in various places all around the world. And so, what we have been saying here about ancient ship travel is now becoming "common knowledge" in the archaeological world. This is the reality of the matter, this is how this had really happened.

It is the most reasonable and most valid explanation for the "phenomenon" of various peoples all over the world having and worshipping ‘gods’ and of developing their own religions. We can even show genealogical evidence for some of world’s religions having been created by branches of this same family.

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